Category: Taking action

Burwood Festival 2017

Lighter Fooprints had a stall at this festival in High St Burwood on Saturday 29 April. Our solar model attracts attention, and a letter to our local member Josh Frydenberg was signed by 50 people.        
Climate Conversations – Suzie Raffe

Climate Conversations – Suzie Raffe

Climate Conversations – How to talk about the things that matter to us. If we want climate change on the political agenda, we need a population that cares enough to vote for a government that takes action. Social research shows that whilst mass media raises...

Ashburton Festival 2017

Good day talking with local residents, to the extent we ran out of letters to sign to Minister Frydenberg! Solar Model again very popular.       A young boy translating in Mandarin to his parents how a solar thermal power station...