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Lighter Footprints works hard to facilitate strong action to ensure a safe climate future through education, advocacy, community engagement and events. Our monthly meetings offer a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action and we also run large scale community forums.


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Knowledge is power – control your energy bills, increase home comfort

The transition is underway, and every household will take different paths in their transition to a clean, efficient, affordable electric future. Get advice at our July meeting with Tim Forcey who will introduce his new book 'My Efficient Electric Home Handbook'.

July 17 Knowledge is Power

We also have three other home efficiency assessors joining us with different approaches and levels of service such as energy use analysis, scorecard assessments, trade recommendations or management assistance. Join us to learn more about lowering your energy bills and increasing the comfort of your home.

Energy Policy: Facts and Fantasy

Australia’s energy transition is well under way and kicking goals with renewables producing almost 40% of Australia's electricity and rising. Australia has a detailed plan to transition its energy system. It's been developed by experts and it's called the Integrated Systems Plan (ISP). That’s the good news. So why all this talk of nuclear? How do we sort the facts from the spin?

August 21 Energy Policy- Fact or Fantasy with Dr Dylan McConnell

Dr Dylan McConnell, renewable energy & energy systems analyst at UNSW Sydney, will give us the facts and identify the potential wrong turns on the road to a clean energy future. Dylan has extensive experience in analysing the electricity sector in Australia and is a regular contributor to the public conversation on energy policy.

Past Events

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