What’s On

Lighter Footprints works hard to facilitate strong action to ensure a safe climate future, through advocacy, community engagement, but particularly through arranging large events and offering a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action at our monthly meetings.

Coming Events

Boroondara Candidates Forum

Council elections are finally here for 2020! Don't miss this chance to ask climate and other questions of your ward candidates, and find out what their plans are for a climate-friendly future for Boroondara.

Lighter Footprints Boroondara Candidate Forum with Craig Reucassel

Join us at 7:30pm for an opening address from environmental documentary maker Craig Reucassel before we break out into separate ward events to hear from the election candidates. Instructions and links for joining the ward events will be provided to you on the night.

The Fight for our Forests

Our forests are under threat. They host a wealth of biodiversity, harvest water and form a natural buffer against climate change. Fortunately dedicated community organisations are taking up the fight. Recent victories in the courts have given hope but there is still much more to do.

Fight for Forests. Speakers Steve Meacher, President Friends of Leadbeaters Possum, Jen Sanger Campaign Organiser Bob Brown Foundation, Danya Jacobs, Senior Lawyer, Environmental Justice Australia

This event will introduce you to the people who actually took the battle to VicForests in the courts and saved 66 logging coupes, and the endangered species they contain, from destruction. But you will hear how VicForests is now challenging the ruling. You will also hear about the Bob Brown Foundation's recently launched Great Forest Case and the implications for all of Australia's forests.