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Lighter Footprints works hard to facilitate strong action to ensure a safe climate future, through advocacy, community engagement, but particularly through arranging large events and offering a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action at our monthly meetings.

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2020 Vision with Simon Holmes à Court

DUE TO OVERWHELMING INTEREST, THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL - With federal energy policy missing on energy and climate, and with public calls for emergency action, what can be done? Simon Holmes à Court has an international perspective on how energy policy is impacting practice in countries that take climate action seriously. Join us at the Marwal Centre to hear his vision for Australia in 2020 and beyond. 7 pm for 7:30 pm for a glass of wine, nibbles and a warm welcome!

2020 Vision with Simon Holmes a Court

Simon Holmes à Court is senior advisor to the Energy Transition Hub at Melbourne University and sits on the advisory board of the Melbourne Energy Institute. He has been a pioneering force in the Australian community energy movement, as the founding chair of Hepburn Wind, the country’s first community owned wind farm, and founder of Embark Australia, a non-profit consultancy helping communities share in the benefits of local renewable energy. Simon writes regularly on the technical and political aspects of the energy transition.

Climate, the Financial Sector and Shareholder Action

Heard of Market Forces? Financial climate activism is driving the flight of global capital away from fossil corporates! Campaigners Pablo Brait and Rachel Deans explain how, together we can hold corporates accountable, drive divestment, and protect the planet through funding the clean energy transition. It's time to make our funds, banks and insurance companies part of the solution!

Market Forces Lighter Footprints Event

This January CEO Larry Fink recently has overhauled the largest global fund BlackRock's approach to carbon, but only after sustained pressure from shareholder activists, central banks and regulators. Market Forces has been a very important part of that pressure. A combination of strategic campaigning, research and lobbying, plus shareholder and financial activism has seen major market changes on carbon. Many of our major banks and insurance companies have been forced to towards more transparency over carbon risks, and capital is certainly moving away from thermal coal. Over 60 financial and other corporates have dumped Adani. Listen to Market Forces' Pablo Brait and Rachel Deans as they outline strategic approaches to shifting financial corporates to becoming part of the solution. We can make our money work for good!

Meeting with politicians – what does it take

This summer has really left its mark. How do we respond? The news is bad, Australia needs new directions, and politicians must hear our voices. Our April meeting is all about climate communication, building confidence, skills and effective strategies in political meetings.

Climate 4 Change - effective climate communication

Our speakers are climate communications experts - Sue Dwyer from Climate 4 Change, and Katherine Barraclough, Victorian Chair of the Doctors for the Environment. They will guide us in framing and presenting effective messages for political audiences. We need to give people understanding about our climate crisis, and a way forward. At the end of this meeting, everyone will be able to take one or more steps towards meeting and engaging their local representatives. Working together, working with confidence and working effectively - these are the hallmarks of well thought through political meetings, and giving our politicians real solutions to the climate crisis.