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Lighter Footprints works hard to facilitate strong action to ensure a safe climate future, through advocacy, community engagement, but particularly through arranging large events and offering a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action at our monthly meetings.

Coming Events

Community Batteries: Getting ahead of the curve

Wouldn’t it be good to sign up to a community battery that stores your excess and releases it back later saving you money and supporting the grid? Victorian trials are underway and the Victorian Government has a new Neighbourhood Battery funding program. Community batteries will be a real option very soon.

Community Batteries - Getting ahead of the curve June 30

Many of us would rather forgo the initial $5-10,000 investment and associated installation required for behind-the-meter storage in favour of a simpler approach, that also offers a more efficient use of battery technology, where power is shared at a local community level. Yarra Energy Foundation’s Chris Wallan and Greg Hannan from Citipower/United Energy will talk to us about this new approach to energy storage that will also help smooth the way to a higher level of clean energy in the grid, including Yarra Energy Foundation and Citipower’s new “shovel ready” community battery initiative.

The Fully Electric Home and the Fight Against Gas

Join us on Wednesday 28 July to hear about transitioning your home to be fully electric and the continuing fight against plans for gas expansion and the "gas fired recovery".

Lighter Footprints Fully Electric Home and the Fight Against Gas July event

A fully electric home is more efficient, saves money and protects our families' health. Energy advisor and electrification activist Tim Forcey will show us the benefits of moving away from gas to a fully electric home, and the steps involved in this transition. Then learn from Friends of the Earth's Cam Walker about the impact of the end of Victoria’s moratorium on onshore conventional gas, the fight against new gas happening around the country, and how we can be involved to protect our future.