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Lighter Footprints works hard to facilitate strong action to ensure a safe climate future through advocacy, community engagement and events. Our monthly meetings offer a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action and we also run large scale community forums.

Coming Events

Make Solar Easy – Feb 9

Rooftop solar is so popular - slashing energy bill costs, lowering your carbon footprints and paying for itself in around 3 - 6 years. However for many people, the biggest barrier is access to the right information. This is where the Metro Community Power Hub (MCPH) can offer independent advice, connecting you with trusted suppliers and discounted solar.

Make Solar Easy Feb 9 MCPH Solar Program with Peter Mercouriou

Peter Mercouriou, MCPH Manager and experienced solar advisor, will guide us through a discussion on the right kind of setup, what sort of panels, heritage factors, whether a battery should be included, and how the MCPH can help with choosing suppliers and installers. The program only works with carefully vetted installers and offers discounts of up to 20% off.

Superpower 2022 with Simon Holmes à Court

This is time to seize the change and superpower 2022! Join us for Simon Holmes à Court's annual energy update.

Superpower 2022 with Simon Holmes à Court February 23, 2022, 7.30pm Marwal Centre, 9 Marwal Ave, Balwyn Nth

Global capital is fleeing the fossil industries as more and more countries are accelerating their transition to clean energy, pledge to cut methane, and seizing first mover opportunities in more difficult sectors like green steel, cement and transport. Australia is so well positioned to take advantage of this unstoppable transition with world beating amounts of renewable resources, minerals and a suitable workforce.

Frydo Fridays: the Colossal Fossil Awards

Frydo Fridays are back! Join Frydo Fridays' COP26 award night to offer the Colossal Fossil award to Treasurer Frydosaurus, who has been lashing out with pots of public money to subsidise massive fossil fuel expansion.

Frydo Fridays: the Colossal Fossil Awards on December 10th, 5.30pm, 145 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East

Why are we paying to subsidise fossil fuel expansion against scientific findings and the international consensus, risking our children's future? What can we do to make our future better? Hear from Australian Conservation Foundation's democracy campaigner, Jolene Elberth on how to reclaim our democracy. Dress up, dress down, and have fun! Musical instruments are welcome.

Clean Energy – Let’s Get on With It: Chisholm Votes Climate Friday Action, December 10

Let's make climate #1 in 2022 to secure a cleaner, more prosperous and sustainable future. Chisholm is on a knife edge, with a margin of well under 1%. Join us every Friday morning to kickstart the Chisholm #VotesClimate campaign!

Chisholm Friday Actions - December 10

Investing in clean energy means more jobs and lowered energy bills. Ernst & Young, in a report for the World Wildlife Fund, found that accelerating investment in clean energy exports would add 395,000 new jobs and $89 billion in new trade through to 2040. Rewiring Australia recently calculated that a modest $12 billion investment in electrifying our homes and cars would result in $5000 annual savings per household, returning over $300 billion savings through to 2035. We would love you to join us on our Friday Action on Burwood Highway, catching the morning rush.

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