Lighter Footprints works hard to facilitate strong action to ensure a safe climate future, through advocacy, community engagement, but particularly through arranging large events and offering a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action at our monthly meetings.

2020 Vision with Simon Holmes a Court

Energy and policy expert Simon Holmes a Court needs no introduction. Join us at the Marwal Centre on February 26th for another incisive annual update - when it comes to climate, emissions and the clean energy transition, Simon cutting right political smokescreens to offer clear perspective and pathway forward.

2020 Vision with Simon Holmes a Court

With federal energy policy moving backwards "at a canter", and at odds with growing public calls for emergency action on water, clean energy and the climate crisis, what can be done? Last year Simon lifted the lid on the government's dodgy accounting and failed policies. Find out what is in store in 2020.

Powering Up Summer

Cut through the spin and find fresh solutions to Victoria's summer heat and energy problems!

Powering up Summer

Toss energy experts Dylan McConnell and Ric Brazzale your trickiest questions, and find out more about how Victoria could lever affordable approaches like demand management, energy efficiency and load shedding into effective remedies for those summertime energy blues.

Living in the Clean Economy

Lighter Footprints is excited to present Prof Tom Kompas, Prof Peter Newman and Anthea Harris on the benefits of a low carbon economy, and the case for a faster transition.

Living in the Clean Economy, October 31st

Tom Kompas is an expert in Environmental Economics and is the lead author of a high level business case on a faster transition to a clean economy for Victoria and Queensland. His work details avoiding the massive costs of inaction (conservatively $584 billion by 2030), and three to one benefits for a faster transition to a clean economy. Peter Newman AO is an IPCC Lead Author and a much lauded sustainability expert. He will bring global perspectives and a vision of what living the clean economy could bring to communities. Anthea Harris leads the newly formed Energy Group at DEWLP and brings a Victorian perspective.