Take Action

We believe by collectively taking action, we can contribute to the systemic change required to protect our planet from dangerous climate change. Lighter Footprints offers a range of ways you can contribute. Everyone is welcome to come to our monthly meetings and join one of our action groups below.

Monthly Meetings

Education is key to successful activism. Our members gather for monthly meetings to hear a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action. These meetings are held at 7:00pm for 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of the month and keep us up to date and informed about key issues in the climate movement. Visit the What’s On page for details of our coming meetings which you are warmly invited to attend and you can subscribe to our newsletter below.

Action Groups

Our advocacy work is primarily conducted through the working groups set out below. We run on people power and need all the help we can get – including yours!



#VoteClimate/Community Joint Working Group

This group works with the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance on #VoteClimate election campaigns and on local climate action advocacy. More about stepping up here and Vote Climate here.

More about this working group

This joint working group was instrumental in Boroondara Council declaring a climate emergency. We will continue to advocate for Council to be bold in its implementation of the new Climate Action Plan and will encourage our community to electrify everything. This group will work with KCCA on the upcoming elections – please visit our Vote Climate page to sign up for our upcoming election campaigns!  If you would like to join this group please call Lynn Frankes on 0425 843 685.

• Advocating for emergency climate     action by Boroondara Council
• Local government petitions and community engagement
• Joint elections working group.

Energy Transition Working Group

Energy Transition Working Group

The Energy Transitions Group meets fortnightly with a focus on pulling together energy data, latest innovations and submissions to government and making climate solutions accessible to a variety of audiences. Find out more here. You can subscribe to our quarterly Community Battery updates here, and check out page on the MCPH Solar Program here.

More about this working group

Please contact David Strang on 0405 506 275 or use the form below if you would like to contribute to this team.

• Energy transition analysis & roadmaps
• Focus on innovation and solutions
• Submissions to Government

Letter Writers Working Group

Join a group of committed writers who write letters to newspapers across the country. Our letters influence the public narrative around climate by educating the community, dispelling climate myths and raising awareness of the need for greater climate action.

More about this working group

Each year we publish 800 to 1,000 punchy, thought-provoking letters in mainstream and regional press. Group members are supported through regular emails with relevant climate editorials and articles, published letters, resources, tips and cartoons. The group also supports people who write to politicians on climate issues and policy. If you’d like to join our enthusiastic, dedicated group of letter writers, contact Ray Peck using the form below.

Meeting with Will Fowles MP

MP Engagement Working Group

Building on the success of the MP engagement process from Climate for Change, Lighter Footprints has been actively seeking meetings on climate policy with our elected representatives. Find out more here.

More about this working group

It is important for MPs to hear from the people they represent rather than just paid lobbyists, often for large corporations. The MP Engagement Group has more MP meetings in the pipeline and is seeking others. The group meets fortnightly online. New members are very welcome. If you’d like more information, please call Lynn Frankes on 0425 843 685 or use the form below.

• Constituent Representation
• Climate Policy Targets
• Political Accountability

Lighter Footprints Communications Support Group

Communications Support Group

Vital to Lighter Footprints’ mission to educate and influence, the Comms Group helps define Lighter Footprints’ overall climate message and shape individual events.

More about this support group

Why would you attend? What will you take home? What pathways can we provide to help you act on climate? Key questions involved in ongoing publicity, content creation and campaigns across the year. Please contact Lynn Frankes on 0425 843 685 or Sally Newell on 0426 171 733 if you would like to help. If you are interested in supporting our social media team, please contact Annie Nihill on 0490 530 211 or Sally Newell on 0426 171 733.

• Strategy, analysis and messaging
• Publicity and graphics support
• Social media and digital campaigns

Local Government Working Group

Local Government Working Group

The Local Government group is a small but highly efficient group of people working together on local climate policy, submissions and climate action. Find out more here.

More about this working group

We have many different opportunities this year, given the success in electing a more progressive Council on climate, to push for measures to drop emissions and improve environmental amenity. The group is meeting fortnightly, forging ahead – with good local networks we have already clocked up some impressive gains in this last year. If you’d like more information, please call Anne Young on 0408 586 811 or Joy Mettam on 0419 989 590.

• Local climate action focus
• Local government policy & solutions
• Submissions to Government

Volunteer Coordination Support Group

If you are a people person and take satisfaction in helping others find their place and thrive, we need you!

More about this support group

Lighter Footprints runs many events each year all benefitting from dedicated volunteer support, across many areas of interest in the broader climate movement. To express your interest please contact Ray Peck using the form below.

• Welcoming new volunteers
• Liaison, mentoring & skills development
• Events and stalls staffing support

Speakers Working Group

Are you interested in building personal skills in communicating the climate message?

More about this working group

The speakers working group is a place of support and opportunity as you develop as a climate communicator. We are looking for people willing to be part of a group that can offer to speak at organisations around our community. If you’d like to join this group please contact Ken Parker using the form below.

• High quality training
• Climate speakers group development
• Supporting community climate education

Logistics Working Group

Whether it’s putting up our signage at big events, technical support or just a friendly cuppa, logistics is at the heart of things.

More about this working group

Logistic is critical in this election year. To express your interest please use the form below.

• Infrastructure, equipment, signage
• Organising major events
• Core support

Tackling climate change is daunting but you don’t have to do it alone. Working with others to make things happen is powerful and rewarding.

“Everyone is invited, everyone is needed” is the catch cry of the School Strike 4 Climate movement and it applies equally to Lighter Footprints.

We’d love to hear from you

Let us know what you are interested in and we’ll be in touch to talk through how you might contribute to the work of Lighter Footprints. To join the Lighter Footprints mailing list please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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