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Take Action

We believe by collectively taking action we can contribute to the change we need to protect our planet from dangerous climate change. Working together we can do so much more than alone.

Everyone is welcome to come to our meetings and forums and join one of our Working Groups.

Come to our Meetings and Forums

We invite expert speakers to share information on the clean energy, sustainability and effective solutions to the climate crisis.  Visit What’s On for details of our upcoming meetings and events which you are warmly invited to attend. You can also subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page.

Join a Working Group

Want to participate in climate action? Learn more about our Working Groups – you can indicate your interest in the form below.


Lighter Footprints Forests Working Group

Forests Working Group

Even though logging is longer allowed in much of Victoria’s native forests, Vic Forests has now switched to very damaging salvage logging. Join our Forests Working Group to save precious wildlife and help protect the most dense forest carbon stores on the planet. Read more forests information here,

More about this working group

Join a keen group of Lighter Footprints members who will work on supporting forest protection, running events and contributing to forest campaigns – forest info here. Our Save Forests Working Group can help you actively support the current Save Native Forests campaigns in Victoria and keep you up to date! Tick the first box on the form below or email Jan Molloy on molloy_jan@hotmail.com.

Join our Electrify Boroondara Working Group

Electrify Boroondara Outreach Working Group

If you want to help our community go electric by engaging with Boroondara residents through street stalls, library pop-ups, presentations, events etc. and help Electrify Boroondara grow, join this working group.

More about this working group

Electrify Boroondara is a community-led alliance dedicated to accelerating the transition to a clean energy future.

This working group is run by Electrify Boroondara and we encourage all Lighter Footprints volunteers to take part. If you would like more information please email Alison Wright agw3146@gmail.com  or tick the second check box in the form below.

Energy Transition Working Group

Energy Transition Working Group

The Energy Transitions Group meets fortnightly with a focus on pulling together energy data, latest innovations and submissions to government and making climate solutions accessible to a variety of audiences. Find out more here. You can subscribe to our quarterly Community Battery updates here, check out our Solar page here and some recent submissions here.

More about this working group

Please contact David Strang on 0405 506 275 or use the form below if you would like to contribute to this team.

• Energy transition analysis & roadmaps
• Focus on innovation and solutions
• Submissions to Government

Letter Writers Working Group

Join a group of committed writers who write letters to newspapers across the country. Our letters influence the public narrative around climate by educating the community, dispelling climate myths and raising awareness of the need for greater climate action.

More about this working group

Each year we publish well over 1,000 punchy, thought-provoking letters in mainstream and regional press. Group members are supported through regular emails highlighting relevant climate editorials and articles, published letters, resources, tips and cartoons. The group also supports people who write to politicians on climate issues and policy. If you’d like to join our enthusiastic, dedicated group of letter writers headed up by Ray Peck, use the letter writers check box form below.


#VoteClimate/Community Joint Working Group

Making climate a vote determining issue really matters. Elections are key moments for advancing climate action. Join this group to help make climate the #1 issue. Read more about our successful Vote Climate campaigns here.

More about this working group

This group works with the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance and other allies on local climate advocacy and Vote Climate election campaigns. In 2024 we will be focussing on the October local government election. We are planning events, flyers, candidate scorecards and ward-based election forums.

There is significant potential for effective climate action by a progressive local government.

Now is the time to get involved!

If you would like to join this group please call Lynn Frankes on 0425 843 685 and tick the Vote Climate check box in the form below.

Comms desk at Hawthorn Arts Centre Lighter Footprints Forum

Communications Support Group

Getting our message across to our community is fundamental to our success. Are you interested in social media, blog writing, websites or tech support? We’d love you to join us.

More about this support group

Writing is a great way to make contribution using your existing areas of interest or expertise. No contribution is too small.

Tech support is vital for our meetings and forums. If you have expertise in sound, AV streaming or recording we could really use your skills.

Please tick the Communications check box in the form below.

Please contact Lynn Frankes on 0425 843 685 or Sally Newell on 0426 171 733 if you would like to help.


Quick Response Group

Do you want to take action for climate but don’t want to make a regular time commitment? Can you from time to time help out at a festival, forum or event? If so, this is the working group for you.

More about this support group

Would you like to volunteer on street stall, letterbox a campaign or join us in a one off local action? We also need people who will protest or call MPs when there are key political moments. These actions are important because they help us engage with our community and show our people power. No regular meetings, just occasional requests for help in your inbox. Your contribution will be valued! Please tick the Quick Reponse Group check box in the form below.

Volunteer at Glenferrie Festival for Lighter Footprints

Tackling climate change is daunting but you don’t have to do it alone. Working with others to make things happen is powerful and rewarding. Our working groups are the engine room of Lighter Footprints’ success.

Lighter Footprints is a volunteer organisation. We all have something valuable to give. Tick the check boxes below to join in making a safer climate future.


We’d love to hear from you

Let us know what you are interested in and we’ll be in touch to talk through how you might contribute to the work of Lighter Footprints. To join the Lighter Footprints mailing list please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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