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Community Climate Action

Lighter Footprints is a leading, local climate group committed to facilitating effective climate action. We welcome people with diverse backgrounds, ages and interests who are concerned about global warming and want to see climate action to realise a clean energy future.

Our community includes anyone who is concerned about climate change and wants climate action but is predominantly drawn from Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs that span the council areas of Whitehorse and Boroondara, the state electorates of Kew, Box Hill, Burwood and Hawthorn and the federal electorates of Chisholm, Higgins and Kooyong.

Are you concerned about global warming and interested in local climate change action?

We invite you to meet some members of the Lighter Footprints community and learn why they love where they live and what inspired them to join a local climate change action group. 

Sarah Brennan

Sarah says grassroots climate action makes her feel more positive about the future. Read more…

Mick Nolan

Mick says taking climate action is not always easy, but there are many benefits to being involved. Read more…

“Grassroots community action is really good stuff. I enjoy being involved. It’s better than doing nothing and makes you feel happier and like you’re doing something. It makes you feel more positive about things.”
Sarah Brennan

Russell Williams

Russell says there are different ways to contribute depending on your interests and personality. Read more…

Griet Thijs

Griet joined Lighter Footprints because she wanted to be part of a community making a difference. Read more…

“The power of community groups like Lighter Footprints is you get more strength from gathering all these different people together and mixing all these ideas, talents, and skills. With every issue in the world, as soon as you bring people together and leverage off each other, that’s when you come to better solutions or new ideas.”
Griet Thijs

Lynn Frankes

Lynn says being part of a community climate action group is a great reminder you are not alone. Read more…

Carolyn Ingvarson

Carolyn says climate change strikes fear at your heart, but climate action is a way of addressing your concerns. Read more…

“Lighter Footprints is a good example of that quite strange thing called a ‘broad church’. Our concern about climate change is non-partisan because it is not an issue that should belong in a particular ideological way of thinking. The way we approach it attracts people across a wide spectrum.”

Carolyn Ingvarson

Want to be involved in local climate action?

You can: