Local Climate Action Glen Iris Alison Wright

Local Climate Action – Glen Iris

Alison Wright’s story

Alison moved to Melbourne from Chicago in 1993 with work, which was meant to be a temporary secondment. She met her husband here, and they have lived in Glen Iris since 1995. 

What is it like living in Glen Iris?

We love it here – we are close to schools, bike tracks, shopping, public transport, as well as the freeway. There are still a lot of mature trees and older homes from the 1930’s. There are many bike and walking tracks where we can see some wildlife, and hear the frogs in the spring. We walk for most of our necessities; the local shops and cafes are very good.

I catch up with friends who also like to walk, it is a nice chance to enjoy the area as we talk about life and many other things. I try to keep a native garden to bring the birds in.

Local Climate Action Glen Iris with Alison Wright
Local Climate Action Glen Iris Jackie Yowell with fruit tree

What is your motivation for joining a local climate action group?

Climate change will affect my children’s lives much more than than in my own life,I want to do everything I can to make the world a better place for my kids and their generation.

Being part of a group helps – the experience of those who have been doing this longer, and know what the most effective methods to achieve change are, is very encouraging. We can achieve much more together than any of us could do on our own.



When did you join the local climate action group Lighter Footprints and how are you involved with them?

I have been active with Lighter Footprints for just over a year. I got involved in a few Lighter Footprints activities before that, but I have more time and motivation recently. The online webinars have been both interesting and informative.

I’ve been involved with the MP Engagement Group, meeting with John Kennedy (Hawthorn) as well as Katie Allen (Higgins). More recently I’ve been involved with the federal election campaign activities.


Local climate action Glen Iris Alison Wright Voting Climate

What would you say to someone who is interested in taking climate action and thinking of joining Lighter Footprints?

It is a good organisation. The volunteers know what they are talking about, are very committed to making a difference, and are very supportive of others. I’ve been encouraged to do things I never would have attempted on my own.

If everyone does a little bit more, and encourages others to do the same, we can achieve a lot together.

I am reminded that power is with ‘the people”, and elections are a very strategic time to show this.