Vote Climate Neighbours Project

Vote Climate Neighbours

It’s time to listen to the voices of our neighbours, who want stronger action on climate!

Fossil fuels are destroying the future for our kids. It doesn’t have to be this way. All it takes is political will.

Kew, Hawthorn, Ashwood, Malvern and surrounding areas deserve representatives who will act on climate, creating green jobs and protecting our health, our environment and our future. That means accelerating a shift to clean energy, protecting forests and getting Victoria off gas.

We invite you to meet some members of the Lighter Footprints community and learn why they are voting climate, and why you should consider preferencing all the climate candidates first too!

Vote Climate Neighbours Profiles

The more others see people like them are putting climate action first when they vote this November, the more likely they are to consider voting climate too!

Alison Wright

Alison feels compelled work with others for rapid, responsible and effective action on climate. Read more…

Vote Climate Neighbours Glen Iris Alison Write with Voting for Kids

Jackie Yowell

Jackie Yowell is concerned about the legacy we are leaving future generations. Read more…

Vote Climate Neighbours Glen Iris Jackie Yowell

We baby boomers in Australia have enjoyed the most bountiful lives, but at a cost to the environment that we cannot in good conscience leave to be paid for by our children.”
Jackie Yowell

Annie Nihill

Despite being aware of the growing inequality caused by climate change, Annie is working with hope for change. Read more…

Vote Climate Neighbours Annie Nihill Surrey Hills pre poll

Ray Peck

Ray is mindful of his grandkids and enjoys working with like minded people for climate action. Read more…

Vote Climate Neighbours Hawthorn Ray Peck cycing close up

Voting climate unlocks vast opportunities for Australia in renewables.

Voting for climate helps secure a healthy and safe climate for us and future generations.
Ben Pearson

Mick Nolan

Mick is looking to drive the clean energy transition – with local action and political influence. Read more…

Vote Climate Neighbours East Kew Mick Nolan cycling

David Strang

Working with the Energy Transition Group, David is targeting clean energy as a powerful climate goal. Read more…

Vote Climate Neighbours Hawthorn East David Strang

“Modern humans have thrived in a narrow temperature range for the past 10,000 years but now the temperature is rising so fast that we are moving outside that safe range. We urgently need strong climate action from our politicians.”

Ray Peck

Sarah Brennan

Sarah finds hope in working with others, and is determined that our politicians will embrace climate leadership. Read more…

Vote Climate Neighbours Sarah Brennan

Ben Pearson

With a young family, Ben is voting climate to seize economic advantages, as well as to protect his children’ future. Read more…

Vote Cimate Neighbours Ben Pearson Canterbury electric vehicles

Key issues for the Victorian State election!

Saving Victoria’s forests

Forests information page

Native forest logging threatens our water catchments, and increases fire risk for decades. The Victorian government supports eight more years of native forest logging, pushing threatened species to the brink. Find out more here

Time to move Victoria off gas!

Gas information page

Gas is a fossil fuel that impacts our health and climate. Victoria has announced that new homes will not need mandatory gas connections from next year, but there is no clear timetable to transition to cleaner, safer electric homes. Find out more here.

Vote Climate Quotes and Social Media Posts

We are letting others know how important voting climate is, by putting the core reasons for preferencing all the climate candidates first at the polling booth in a quote.

We would love your support for this project!

Click on the quotes below to see our social media posts – tweets, tweet strings, Facebook posts and comments. We’d love your support!

Vote Climate Neighbours quote - Alison Wright
Vote Climate Neighbours quote - Mick Nolan
Vote Climate Neighbours quote - Lynn Frankes
Vote Climate Neighbours quote -Sarah Brennan
Vote Climate Neighbours Jackie Yowell
Vote Climate Neighbours quote - Ray Peck
Vote Climate Neighbours quote - Annie Nihill
Vote Climate Neighbours quote -David Strang
Vote Climate Neighbours quote - Ben Pearson
Vote Climate Neighbours quote - Ken Parker

“The technology is here now. Right now.

Communities and leaders need to work together to make this decade the one where we really move.”

Mick Nolan

Further Information


Lighter Footprints

Local Vote Climate campaigns

Accurate information on Candidates’ climate policies to inform your vote.

Lighter Footprints is working with other local climate groups in running the non-partisan Vote Climate campaigns in Melbourne’s inner East:

We would love you to help with

  • handing our flyers including our non partisan climate and integrity scorecard
  • hosting a fence sign
  • helping at pre-poll and polling day

Find out more on our Vote Climate page here.

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