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Australia has so much potential to be a world leader in clean energy but our government is holding us back

Even though Australia has world leading solar and wind resources, and massive potential for renewables-led exports, our government still is promoting gas expansion and refuses to move past coal. Australia has been castigated for having the worst climate ambition in the UN, and the Morrison/Joyce government won’t even commit to net zero by 2050, let alone increase our woefully inadequate 2030 targets.

A problem – our politicians are stuck on coal and gas

Time is running out. The rest of the world has got the message and is moving fast.

We have to shift our politics!


Let’s Vote Climate for our kids

Together with other local climate groups as part of the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance, we helped run the Kooyong Votes Climate campaign in 2019, sending a blue-ribbon Liberal seat to preferences for the first time in fifty years. The campaign included:

  • Running candidate forums and events
  • Letterboxing a candidate scorecard to nearly all of Kooyong
  • Placing hundreds of placards on fences
  • Handing out at train stations and shopping centres
  • Staffing pre-polling stations and nearly all polling booths

If you would like to help shift votes for climate, fill out the form below, indicating your interests and skills.

Vote Climate campaigning in Kooyong

Time is running out – Australians want climate action now

Even the very conservative International Energy Agency has called an end to new coal and gas by the end of 2021. The IPCC’s most recent Assessment Report is a wake up call for climate action. Even in conservative electorates, the vast majority of Australians want a rapid transition to clean energy and increased climate ambition.

The window for action on climate is closing rapidly. The government must be forced to put the interests of Australians ahead that of large fossil fuel donors. That means strong electoral pressure.

It’s time to shift our politics for climate action! If you are interested in learning more or want to help out, fill in the form below

Help us shift the politics!

Previous local Vote Climate campaigns contributed to a strong swing against national trends, and also helped elect a Council with a much more progressive outlook on climate.

The next Federal election is just round the corner, and we need volunteers

We are grateful for people who can put their hand up for phone calling, hosting placards, flyer distribution, pre-poll and polling day. Much of the campaign is likely to shift more online, so social media, fundraising and event organising and publicity will be vital.

There are many ways you can help in our upcoming elections. Sign up here!

Vounteering at Prepoll with Kooyong Votes Climate

Donate to our Vote Climate campaign!

Let’s make climate the number one issue in Kooyong and surrounding marginals.
You can donate to our #VoteClimate campaign here.

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Further Information

Lighter Footprints

  • Lighter Footprints blog on street work

Kooyong Climate Change Alliance (KCCA)

Along with partner local climate groups, Lighter Footprints is a member of KCCA.
KCCA ran the non-partisan Kooyong Votes Climate and Boroondara Votes Climate campaigns in the previous Federal and local elections, with climate candidate scorecards, events and field campaigns.

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