Supporting our ongoing climate campaigns at all levels of government

Victoria has voted!

Congratulations to all the candidates and campaigns in Kew, Hawthorn, Ashwood and Malvern.

We look forward to working with our new MPs on protecting forests, electrifying our homes and transport and getting Victoria off gas.

Forests Information Page link

Victorian voters want native logging to stop

Protecting our native forests is essential for a safe climate future

More on our forests information page here.

Logging is pushing our Mountain Ash forests to the brink 

Protecting our native forests is a highly effective way to reduce emissions.

Logging increases bushfire risk and damages our water catchments

Ending logging will protect taxpayer funds

  • Victorians are paying for forests to be logged – a 2020 PBO study found that we would save around $20m/pa if we transitioned to plantation timber

We need to end native logging by 2024, 2030 is far too late

Gas Information Page

It’s time to accelerate the shift away from gas

Electrification will help protect our health and our climate

More on our Victorian gas information page here.

Electric homes are cleaner, safer and save on energy bills

  • Electric heat pumps for hot water, and reverse cycle air conditioners (heat pumps) are very efficient, lowering emissions.
  • Gas cooking increases the incidence of childhood asthma by 12% – UQ.
  • An electric home saves over $1,000 per year, or double that with solar PV according to the Victorian Govt.

To meet Victoria’s climate targets we need to rapidly transition away from fossil gas

Moving to renewables increases Victoria’s energy independence

  • As one of the world’s biggest gas producers we don’t have a gas supply crisis, we have a market crisis – Victorian Government.
  • Supporting rapid electrification, and demand reduction through energy efficiency, will increase energy resilience.
  • Moving to electric appliances will reduce the impact of price shocks on households and businesses – Climate Council.
  • New drilling or risky, polluting gas import facilities are not the answer.

To meet Victoria’s climate targets we need to move past gas 

Congratulations to the Victorian State Election campaigners and candidates.

You can see more about the huge effort that went into raising the profile of climate issues in our local area, particularly forests and gas, which has been reflected in the overall Victorian results.

Scorecard information pages

Candidate Forum Videos

View the candidates presentations and answers to audience questions!

Vote Climate campaigning in Kooyong

Let’s Vote Climate for our kids

Saving forests, moving households away unhealthy polluting gas to cheaper, safer electric appliances, and accelerating low carbon transport – all reasons why Victorian deserve to elect climate candidates.

Vote Climate campaigns are based around giving voters an informed choice.

Campaign activities include

  • Letterboxing candidate scorecards
  • Hosting Vote Climate fence signs, and handing out campaign flyers and scorecards.
  • Staffing pre-polling stations and many polling booths


Vote Climate campaigns place rigorously assessed information about the Candidates climate and integrity policies in the hands of voters.

Congratulations to all our volunteers for all their hard work!

Want to help us stop logging and shift Victoria off gas? Sign up on the form on this page.

Climate changed the political landscape in 2022

We congratulate new MPs in Kooyong, Chisholm and Higgins.

Major parties attracted their lowest support to date, with voters moving to Greens and Teal independents, motivated by climate, integrity and treatment of women and minorities.

Vote Climate campaigns have proven their success. Read more about the 2022 Federal Vote Climate campaign here.

Kooyong Information Page

Dr Monique Ryan at the Kooyong Candidates Forum

Congratulations to the new Member for Kooyong, Dr Monique Ryan!

Chisholm Information Page

Carina Garland at the Chisholm School Strikers Climate Forum

Congratulations to the new Member for Chisholm, Carina Garland!

Higgins Information Page

Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah

Congratulations to the new Member for Higgins, Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah!


These scorecards were developed by members of the Victorian Climate Action Network Scorecard Working Group in conjunction with KCCA, and other local climate groups.

Victorian Climate Action Network (VCAN)

VCAN is a coordinating body for Victorian climate groups

Kooyong Climate Change Alliance (KCCA)

Along with partner local climate groups, Lighter Footprints is a member of KCCA.
Lighter Footprints is assisting KCCA in running the non-partisan Vote Climate campaign in Kew and Hawthorn.

Higgins Climate Action Network (HCAN)

Lighter Footprints is a member of HCAN, which is coordinating the non-partisan Malvern Vote Climate campaign.

Ashwood CAN

Lighter Footprints is a member Ashwood CAN which has been formed to coordinate the non-partisan Ashwood Vote Climate campaign.


This page is authorised by Lighter Footprints Inc, Register Number A0095302A, 12 Segtoune Street, Kew, Victoria


Hawthorn candidate scorecard