Vote Climate success - now it's time for real climate action

The Victorian State elections are just round the corner and its time to ramp up!

Building on the huge success of our Federal Vote Climate campaigns, we’re putting together teams and plans for the inner east – Kew, Hawthorn and assisting our allies in Ashwood, Box Hill and Malvern.

We’d love you to be involved!

It’s time to protect forests and ditch fossil gas

Voters are concerned about energy bills, transport accessibility, and climate health impacts.

Moving to clean energy and comfortable electric homes will create thousands of good jobs.

  • The Victorian government has resumed support for onshore gas drilling, including near the Twelve Apostles
  • The Victorian government weakened forest protections last November, and plan to log native forests right up to 2030, risking our water catchments and critically endangered Leadbeaters Possums and Greater Gliders – read more here
  • Although the Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap has charted the beginning of a turn away from household fossil gas, there is no clear timetable to replace our leaky gas distribution network with efficient, safer electric appliances – read more here

There is still strong bipartisan support for delaying the clean energy transition, expanding gas and logging our precious old growth forests.


Australians want climate action now

Even the very conservative International Energy Agency has called an end to new coal and gas by the end of 2021. The IPCC’s most recent Assessment Report is a wake up call for climate action. Even in conservative electorates, the vast majority of Australians want a rapid transition to clean energy and increased climate ambition.

The window for action on climate is closing rapidly. Our governments must be forced to put the interests of Australians ahead that of large fossil fuel donors. That means strong electoral pressure, supporting clean energy and the shift away from coal and gas, and preserving our carbon stores.

In May, voters moved away from the major parties, driven by concern about climate as their number one issue.

Vote Climate campaigns offer quality information about parties and candidates climate policies, cutting through the spin and support the climate vote.


It’s time to shift our politics!

Vote Climate campaigning in Kooyong

Let’s Vote Climate for our kids

Saving forests, moving households away unhealthy polluting gas to cheaper, safer electric appliances, and accelerating low carbon transport – all reasons why Victorian deserve to elect climate candidates.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming Victorian State election in November. We’re planning and setting up campaigns in local electorates.

Vote Climate campaign activities include:

  • Running candidate forums and events
  • Letterboxing candidate scorecards
  • Hosting Vote Climate fence signs, and handing out campaign flyers and scorecards.
  • Staffing pre-polling stations and many polling booths

If you would like to help with upcoming Vote Climate campaigns, fill out the form and indicate your interests and skills.

Climate changed the political landscape in 2022

We congratulate our new MPs in Kooyong, Chisholm and Higgins.

Major parties attracted their lowest support to date, with voters moving to Greens and Teal independents, motivated by climate, integrity and treatment of women and minorities.

Vote Climate campaigns have proven their success. Now its time to shift the vote on November 26!

Kooyong Candidiates Forum

Climate was the top vote-determining issue: congratulations to our new MPs!

Kooyong Information Page

Dr Monique Ryan at the Kooyong Candidates Forum

Congratulations to the new Member for Kooyong, Dr Monique Ryan!

Chisholm Information Page

Carina Garland at the Chisholm School Strikers Climate Forum

Congratulations to the new Member for Chisholm, Carina Garland!

Higgins Information Page

Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah

Congratulations to the new Member for Higgins, Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah!

Support our Vote Climate campaigns!

Let’s make climate the number one issue in Melbourne’s inner east!

Kooyong Candidates Forum

Further Information

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Kooyong Climate Change Alliance (KCCA)

Along with partner local climate groups, Lighter Footprints is a member of KCCA.
LF is assisting KCCA in running climate conversations, pre-poll and polling day events as part of the non-partisan Vote Climate campaign in Kooyong.

Higgins Climate Action Network (HCAN)

Lighter Footprints is a member of HCAN, which is coordinating the non-partisan Higgins Votes Climate campaign.

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