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The political landscape has changed in Chisholm!

Congratulations to the new Member for Chisholm – Carina Garland

Chisholm, one of the most marginal electorates in the country did not return Liberal MP Gladys Liu – her primary vote lost 7.8%. Carina Garland won the seat for the ALP with an increased primary vote of 4.6%. Support for minor parties increased – the Greens vote increased 1.6% to 12.2%.

Lighter Footprints supported local climate groups ECAM and ACF Chisholm in running a Vote Climate campaign in Chisholm, with a weekly vigil, and climate and integrity Candidate Scorecard, with letterdropping, pre-poll and polling day. Clean energy was framed around job opportunities and lowered cost of living.  Lighter Footprints assisted FOE’s Act on Climate with local events on climate targets and electric vehicles, supporting the School Strikers’ Chisholm Candidate Forum.

At this moment in history we have a strategic opportunity to support Carina Garland in shifting Australia towards clean energy and rapid climate action.

School Strikers Chisholm Candidate Forum

Chisholm Campaign: Clean energy – more jobs, and lowered bills. Let’s get on with it!


If we invest in renewables and clean energy exports:

  • 395,000 clean export jobs and $89 billion in new trade through to 2040 with stronger clean energy exports investment – EY/WWF Clean Energy Exports report
  • A threefold jobs increase compared to spending on fossil fuel projects – 2020 Ernst & Young report
  • Doubling renewables jobs by 2025 with strong policy settings – Clean Energy at Work report

Moving to clean energy will reduce energy bills and it’s better for the planet

  • Annual household savings of $5000 from moving from all-electric homes and cars, A modest investment in the next 5 years ($12b) would reap over $300bn savings through to 2035 – Rewiring Australia’s Castles and Cars report
  • Solar and wind continue to be cheapest form of new power generation in Australia – CSIRO GenCost 2021 report
  • A gas-free home is safer for our families. It’s time to move to cleaner, affordable electric appliances. Download our Making the Shift brochure with links here
Rewiring Australia - Cummulative Investment and Savings from Accelerated Electrification

A problem – our politicians are stuck on coal and gas

Even though Australia has world leading solar and wind resources, and massive potential for renewables-led exports, our government still is promoting gas expansion with over 100 fossil fuel projects in the pipeline with a total emissions potential equal to an eye-watering 5% of global industrial emissions.

  • Incoming Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen so far has refused to increase Labor’s inadequate 43% by 2030 target.
  • Following the science would suggest emissions reduction targets of 75% by 2030.
  • Accelerating climate action would set Australia up to be a clean energy superpower, transforming manufacturing and exports.

Time is running out. The rest of the world has got the message and is moving fast.

We don’t want to be left behind.

We have to shift our politics!

Climate Race Chisholm

Further Information

Eastern Climate Action Melbourne (ECAM)

Lighter Footprints supported ECAM and other local climate groups in running the #VoteClimate campaign in Chisholm.

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