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Our Prime Minister is banking on a ‘gas-fired recovery’ but more gas will hurt our health, harm our climate and bring few jobs or any revenue to Australia.

It’s time we started talking to our community about the real problems with gas

We would love you to be involved in our campaigns to shift our households and energy policies away from gas towards safer affordable clean energy.

If you would like to join us in talking to our community about gas, please fill in the form here



Let’s get the truth out there! 

Join us on Saturday mornings from 10am to noon in Kew, Hawthorn and Camberwell, to talk about moving our homes and our energy systems away from gas. We are also building support for our upcoming #VoteClimate Federal campaign. Along with our friends at the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance, we are handing out high quality information on moving to safer, cleaner more affordable electric appliances, and petitioning Treasurer Frydenberg to stop spending public money on gas expansion.

New volunteers will be paired with old hands. We will be out on the streets until mid December and will start again in 2022. If you have a couple hours during the week for phone calls, lobbying MP’s, flyer distribution or letter writing – please express your interest in the form here or call Lynn Frankes on 0425 843 685.

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Find out more about why making the transition away from gas is so important for our community

The government is pushing new gas as a solution for exports and economy, but fossil fuelled climate damage is accelerating.

What is so frustrating is that it doesn’t have to be this way

We have good affordable alternatives for energy right now

We have the solutions, they just need to be scaled and implemented


More about why gas is bad for our health and our climate

Many people understand that coal is a fossil fuel that produces greenhouse gasses causing climate change when burned. The impact of extracting, liquifying for export and burning natural gas is less well understood in our community. 

Burning gas is bad for our health right now. The government plans for massive gas expansion could supercharge our climate crisis, further threatening a safe, clean sustainable future.

Join the fight against gas- Victorian and National campaigns
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Gas-fired recovery, a road to nowhere with Tony Wood an Bruce Mountain Lighter Footprints blog

Five reasons why gas is already becoming superseded from our blog on gas impacts and campaigning:

Where should Australia be headed?

We have the technology to move away from coal – it’s renewables and storage with improved grids

We have the technology to move away from gas – it’s electrification (heat pumps) and development of green hydrogen

We have the technology to move away from oil – it’s a move to electric vehicles and green hydrogen for heavy transport

Renewables will increase our energy self sufficiency and help us avoid carbon tariffs as the world pivots away from fossil fuels

Australia can be a renewable energy superpower –  exporting electrons, green hydrogen and clean manufactured goods


Nine reasons to move past gas

Check our gas facts in a nutshell blog here:

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Clean electric homes Interactive guide pdf
Step up and join us in community action

Talking to our community is part of the solution 

One on one conversations are the most effective way to bring people along the spectrum of concern about climate change. These conversations will have the added bonus of helping to make climate change the number one issue in Kooyong in the lead up to the Federal election. 

In May the International Energy Agency reported that there can be no new fossil fuel projects if the world is to reach net zero by 2050 and yet the Morrison government is pushing ahead with government support to open up massive new gas fields – Santos in Narrabri, Origin in the Beetaloo Basin and the Woodside / BHP off-shore Scarborough project are all massive carbon bombs. This is a certain kind of madness and we need to call it out! If you have time on Saturdays or want to help out with calls or social media, please fill in the form above

Lighter Footprints is supporting ongoing Victorian and national gas campaigns

You can read more here!

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