Solar information page

Solar information page

Rooftop Solar PV is now very affordable, reducing your energy bills and lowering your carbon emissions

With fast paybacks, and economic and environmental benefits solar is an easy decision for most people. We have put together some resources to help you navigate through decision points and find a trusted supplier.

With solar panels on your roof, you can generate electricity for your home and the ones of others, and save lots on energy bills. Solar panels can reduce your electricity bills by up to 60% – Yarra Energy Foundation


Many people wish to install solar, but face difficult decisions in deciding the type and size of installations or finding a supplier.

Listen to independent advice from non-profit Yarra Energy Foundation in our Make Solar Easy seminars on our YouTube channel.

Many of our members have added or upgraded their solar PV. Check out some of their stories here.


Finding a trusted supplier

“We’ve seen incredible momentum for renewables in Australia, but many on the frontlines of the energy transition still need guidance and technical support.”

Accredited solar providers take the hassle out of choosing a solar system that fits your needs

It’s extremely important to choose a good solar installer to get a good service.

Remember, you should always:

  • Make sure that the solar provider you choose is Tier 1 approved.
  • Look at the Clean Energy Council’s approved solar retailers and installers: see accredited installer scheme and approved retailer scheme.
  • Check that your solar installer has been in operation for at least 5 years.
  • Check that the solar installer provides a 5-year installation warranty and servicing in Australia.
Installing solar panels on a roof in Canterbury

Further Information

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Please note that whilst Lighter Footprints has endeavoured to ensure all information is correct, individual circumstances will vary and it is important that you undertake your own research to best cater for your preferences and situation.