Effective local climate action

Lighter Footprints is a local climate group committed to leading effective climate action.

As a community based organisation working across Melbourne’s inner-east, we aim to educate, advocate and bring people together. We inform the community, create the momentum for change and influence Australian decision makers to take the action necessary to halt global warming as a matter of urgency.

June 19 2030 Macro Economics and the clean energy transition with Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute
Forests information page
February 21 Race to Zero full presentation
Electrify our homes with energy expert Tim Forcey - five minute video highlights
Victoria's native forests with Prof David Lindenmayer - video highlights
Household gas health impacts with Dr Genevieve Cowie - video highlights
Insulation and draught proofing tips video highlights with EcoMaster
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Reduce energy bills and increase comfort with energy efficiency

Support Electrify Boroondara

Electrify Boroondara Working Group information page

Care about lower energy bills and getting off gas? Lighter Footprints is backing the community-wide Electrify Boroondara project, supporting the move to cleaner, safer, all electric homes. Find out more or join our working group here.


Victorian gas information

Gas information page

Gas is a fossil fuel that impacts our health and climate. Victoria has announced that new homes will no longer need mandatory gas connections, but there is no clear timetable to transition to cleaner, safer electric homes. Find out more here.

Making the switch

Making the switch to clean electric appliances interactive brochure information page

Electric appliances are cleaner, safer and will save you money. Visit our information page with links to buyers guides, reviews and an interactive pdf.

Coming Events

The Macroeconomics of Australia’s Energy Transition

Raging unemployment, trade deficits, destroyed industries - all claims made by people who oppose the energy transition. So what sorts of impacts and opportunities will flow from transitioning away from fossil fuels, and how can Australia benefit?

June 19 The Macro Economics of Australia's Energy Transition with Richard Denniss

These are big questions and serious minds are required to put some sense into this discussion. We are delighted to bring you Australia Institute Executive Director Richard Denniss in conversation with Beyond Zero Emissions CEO Heidi Lee to explain the macroeconomics of the energy transition.