Effective local climate action

Influencing decision makers and community

Lighter Footprints, a committed local climate group, aims to influence Australians (including local, state and national decision makers) to take the necessary action to halt global warming as a matter of urgency.

Climate: Listening to an Indigenous Perspective with Lidia Thorpe
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Take Action

We are looking for action, rather than further debate. We need your help and are keen to support you to get involved so please join in.


We facilitate large events as well as offering a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action at our monthly meetings.

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Coming Events

Climate: listening to an Indigenous perspective

Join us for an honest look at the relationship between the climate movement and Indigenous Australians. Do we walk the talk and, if not, how can we do better?

Lidia Thorpe Climate Indigenous Perspective event

Recent police murders of African Americans in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement are causing Australians to reflect on the systemic racism that forms part of our society. The climate movement is not immune and we can learn from the values connection between environmental degradation and inequality. Lidia Thorpe - former MP for Northcote, soon to be Victorian Senator, Gunnai-Gunditjmara woman and long-time champion of Indigenous rights in Victoria and Australia will explore these confronting issues with us.