Effective local climate action

Influencing decision makers and community

Lighter Footprints, a committed local climate group, aims to influence Australians (including local, state and national decision makers) to take the necessary action to halt global warming as a matter of urgency.

Targets and Tariffs April Lighter Footprints Event
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Riding The Clean Energy Wave Simon Holmes A Court Highlights Video
Simon Holmes a Court Clean Energy Wave Lighter Footprints blog
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Take Action

We are looking for action, rather than further debate. We need your help and are keen to support you to get involved so please join in.


We facilitate large events as well as offering a range of exciting speakers on clean energy, sustainability and climate action at our monthly meetings.

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Coming Events

Climate Targets & Tariffs: Australia on the World Stage

Climate targets and tariffs - will Australia be an international pariah or climate leader? How do we break through Australia's climate policy barriers? Join us on Wednesday 28 April to explore the rapidly shifting international climate change context.

Targets and Tariffs Lighter Footprints event April 28

Australia now faces an international community that is increasingly demanding significant climate change action and threatening penalties for those who do not play ball.