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It’s time for Victoria to kick our gas habit!

School strikers - vote climate for our kids

To meet Victoria's climate targets we need to move past gas

Electrification will help protect our health and our climate

Making the switch to clean electricity is a worthwhile contribution to a safer planet and a more sustainable future.


Rewiring Australia Electric Home

Electric homes are cleaner, safer and save on energy bills


Asthma Australia - Invisible Danger, Gas, Asthma and our Children

Gas cooking increases the incidence of childhood asthma by 12% and harms our health

Household gas increases indoor pollutants

More about household gas health impacts

 Household gas, particularly gas cooking, harms our health, particularly children

  • “Cooking with gas releases chemicals such as nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde, which causes inflammation in the airways and exacerbates asthma.” – University of Queensland study
  • Gas cooking has also been linked to cardiovascular impacts through long-term low level CO exposures. The EPA states that long-term NO2 exposure is associated with “cardiovascular effects, diabetes, poorer birth outcomes, premature mortality, and cancer.”
  • The Rocky Mountain Institute found that elevated NO2 levels from gas cooking are associated with cardiac and respiratory health impacts including asthma, and learning difficulties, and the effects of gas cooking impacted children more.
  • An epidemiological meta-analysis found that “children living in a home with gas cooking have a 42% increased risk of having current asthma, a 24% increased risk of lifetime asthma”.

Victoria has started the process of moving away from gas

Victoria has already announced that from January 2024 all new homes that require a planning permit must be all-electric and not connected to the gas network. 

A recent update to the Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap expands the VEU, Victoria’s energy upgrades program, improving the range of heat pumps for space heating and hot water and offering discounts when swapping from gas to electric cooktops from July 2024, Secondary dwellings must also be all-electric.


12 Apostles Victorian gas drilling

If we moved households and industry to cleaner, cheaper and safer electricity, there would be no gas shortage 

What about Victoria’s “gas shortfall”?

Reducing demand is an untapped and cost effective way to eradicate the upcoming gas supply gap, while reducing cost of living pressure, according to a new report from IEEFA. Modelling included electrifying household gas appliances at end of life, banning the sale of new gas appliances, transiting to heat pumps for medium temperature light industrial applications. In Victoria, these electrifications and other energy efficiency interventions would achieve 30%, 52% and 93% reductions in gas demand by 2027, 2030, and 2045 compared with 2022.

IEEFA report on reducing gas demand

Gas substitution and fuel switching would practically eliminate any shortfall according to the Northmore Gordon Report.- discussion here, download here.

Victoria must accelerate the transition away from fossil gas and commit to no new gas infrastructure

Find out more about why moving away from gas is so important! 

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Fossil gas damages our health and our climate

  • People know burning coal damages our climate, but the impact of ‘natural gas’ is less well known
  • Burning gas is bad for our health right now.
  • The government plans for massive gas expansion could supercharge our climate crisis, further threatening a safe, clean sustainable future.
We have good affordable alternatives right now

We have the solutions, they just need to be scaled and implemented


The gas industry has poor medium and long term prospects

Victoria's Gas Substitution Roadmap
Clean electric homes Interactive guide pdf
Join the fight against gas- Victorian and National campaigns

Five reasons why gas is already becoming superseded from our blog on gas impacts and campaigning:

Where should Australia be headed?

We have the technology to move away from coal – it’s renewables and storage with improved grids

We have the technology to move away from gas – it’s electrification (heat pumps) and development of green hydrogen

We have the technology to move away from oil – it’s a move to electric vehicles and green hydrogen for heavy transport

Renewables will increase our energy self sufficiency and help us avoid carbon tariffs as the world pivots away from fossil fuels

Australia can be a renewable energy superpower –  exporting electrons, green hydrogen and clean manufactured goods

We don't need more gas - Gas facts blog
Cam Walker on Victoria's Gas Campaigns Guest Blog
IPCC Report Lighter Footprints blog Every Fraction of a Degree Matters

Lighter Footprints is supporting ongoing Victorian and national gas campaigns

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