Lighter Footprints Committee header


Lighter Footprints is a leading, local climate group committed to facilitating effective climate action.

Working together, we can do so much more than alone. For over a decade, we have educated, advocated and brought people together in Boroondara and surrounding suburbs to inform the community and promote a clean energy future.

Our Committee

Lighter Footprints is an incorporated association and as such is required to have a Committee which has overall responsibility for the activities of the association, including its financial management and reporting obligations. The committee generally meets fortnightly and takes responsibility for organising our monthly meetings. Committee members tend to be actively involved in a working group as well as being a member of the Committee which assists in the communication between the working groups and the committee. The Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in joining the Committee please contact Lynn Frankes (0425 843 685) or Mick Nolan (0408 485 008) to discuss.

Our current Committee members are:
Lynn Frankes – Co-Convenor
Mick Nolan – Co-Convenor
Richard Hedding – Treasurer
Myf Parker – Secretary
Jan Molloy – Committee Member
John Gare – Committee Member
Julian Atchison – Committee Member
Ken Parker – Committee Member
Daryl Maunder – Committee Member
Ray Peck – Committee Member