Chisholm climate Candidate Scorecard

Your vote matters – makes sure it’s based on the facts!

Chisholm is ultra marginal!

  • At 0.57%, Chisholm is sitting on a wafer thin margin of 1090 votes, the third most marginal seat in Australia. Check out the new 2021 electoral boundaries in this AEC Map.
  • The 2021 redistribution has “slightly weakened” Liberal chances according to Antony Green.
  • The Liberal primary vote dropped 3.71% to only 43.4% at the 2019 election. Gladys Liu, despite some controversy, retained outgoing MP Julia Banks seat.
  • This election, every vote counts. This is particularly so in Chisholm, seen as a key marginal, important in deciding which parties form government.
Division of Chisholm AEC map and history

Chisholm Climate Candidate Scorecard

Our scorecard shows that the choices are stark! Information is critical to an informed choice.

Chisholm Candidates Scorecard

Summaries of candidates policies and scorecard rationale

The scorecard rates candidates on five key climate policy areas and two policies related to government integrity. We included integrity issues because of the clear link between failures in governance and failures in climate policy.

Each policy has been scored as GOOD, FAIR or POOR based on the candidates’ published policies.

We have made every effort to be objective and fair in our scoring. Summaries of each candidate’s policies were prepared, and where we did not have prior confirmation, we endeavoured to contact candidates (as known at 23/04/22) so they could review and correct them before we finalised our scoring. Some Parties/Candidates did not respond. Policies were scored using simple and clear criteria, and you can find the full scoring rationale here.

In the Senate, vote for more than six!

Under the new Senate voting system, you must number six or more boxes if voting above the line (and 12 or more if voting below the line).

It is far better to number as many boxes as possible until you get to the last few that are all as bad as each other.

Senate scoring details here.


Chisholm climate Candidate Scorecard Senate

Why vote for more than six when voting above the line?

In each state, there are six seats, so quite commonly two go to Labor, two go to the Coalition and one goes to the Greens. Who wins that sixth seat is occasionally determined by a small number of votes, and yet that Senator could end up as part of the balance of power!

If you have just numbered six boxes above the line, and all your preferred candidates have been eliminated by the time the final place is decided, you will have no say over who wins that last place. More detailed Senate scoring explanation here.

It’s important to number the ‘less bad’ options as well as the good options. Tell your friends: ‘vote for more than six’!


Chisholm voters want strong climate action


Does MP Gladys Liu represent Chisholm voters’ values?

You can check out Gladys Liu’s voting record yourself here, including “consistently against” a fast transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and investment in renewable energy.


Together We Can Australia's Biggest Climate Survey Chisholm

Is Australia really doing well on climate? 

We could be investing clean exports and developing the industries of the future!

Check out our Climate Spin page for accurate information about what’s really going in with Australia’s Net Zero by 2050 plans.

It’s time for expanding solar, wind, exporting electrons and clean metals, not throwing more public money at large gas companies!


Climate action is good for the economy

  • EY/WWF Clean Energy Exports report: 395,000 clean export jobs and $89 billion in new trade through to 2040 with stronger clean energy exports investment
  • Ernst & Young report: a threefold jobs increase compared to spending on fossil fuel projects
  • BCA: “Ambitious action to reduce emissions isn’t just critical for the environment, it is our path to a stronger and more competitive economy”, Jennifer Westacott, CEO, Business Council of Australia 

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Further Information

Eastern Climate Action Melbourne (ECAM)

ECAM, Lighter Footprints and other local climate groups are running the #VoteClimate campaign in Chisholm in the 2022 Federal election.

Lighter Footprints

This scorecard was developed by members of the Victorian Climate Action Network/Kooyong Climate Change Alliance scorecard working group including Lighter Footprints with ECAM.

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