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ETG – Energy Transition Working Group

The Energy Transition Group (ETG) group consists of members with a broad range of backgrounds brought together by a passion for reducing emissions.  As we are a relatively small group of volunteers we can not undertake research into all areas of emissions reduction, so we also rely on research undertaken by other bodies to help us deliver our messages and to support our cause. We like to think that we make a difference.

While the group primarily focuses on our energy transition, where some members have industry experience, we also discusses agriculture and forestry and the ways that we can reduce emissions and / or increase carbon sequestration in these areas.

However while the task of emissions reductions is enormous, and it is impossible for the group to be across all issues, we can focus on energy industry (electricity, heating, industry, transport) which accounts for about 75% of AU emissions. Electricity is the major contributor (30%) in this segment but is also the leader in decarbonising and electrification will decarbonise much of the energy sector. 

Influencing outcomes

The group focuses on areas where we can make a difference. Assuming that we want to influence individuals, politicians and corporations we need to tailor our messages and methods of communication to be most effective. The ETG works collaboratively with other groups and collates research undertaken by other bodies as well as conducting our own.

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Examples of action by the Energy Transition Group or its members are as follows:

Current focus areas for the group are the transition away from gas, analysing how we can close all brown coal powered generators by 2030, understanding how quickly hydrogen can become part of the transition and planning a community energy project.


Information pages

Online meetings, projects and working groups

The Energy Transition Group meets twice a month and members provide updates on specific issues enabling the group to be better informed. Members often work in smaller teams for instance on gas, community batteries, electric vehicles, or working on specific presentations to decision makers. Lighter Footprints also runs major events on energy related subjects such as emissions targets, gas-led recovery.

Register your interest

If you would like to consider contributing to the Energy Transition Group we would grateful if you would fill in the form on this page so we can stay in touch.

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You are also welcome to call the ETG Convenor, David Strang, on 0405 506 275, or Lighter Footprints Co-Convenor, Mick Nolan on 0408 485 008 for further information, or to discuss ways you may wish to be involved.