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Climate action – clean energy, and a safer, more sustainable future!


Climate change is the “biggest global health threat” of the 21st century

Acting now will save lives!

  • The hard hitting 2018 Lancet Countdown Report concluded that the climate crisis was humanities “biggest global health threat.”
  • A key message from the 2021 Lancet Countdown Report is that “the cost of inaction on climate and health will vastly outweigh the costs of acting now.
    Rapid decarbonisation could prevent most of the 3.3 million deaths from air pollution that occur each year.” Interactive highlights here.
  • The Lancet says ““The current impacts and future risks of climate change caused by human activities far surpass those of any other force”  and “climate change will challenge the very essence of children’s rights to survival, good health, wellbeing, education, and nutrition”.
  • An IPCC Special Report states that “millions of lives could be saved” by addressing our fossil fuel driven climate crisis.


Investing in renewables and clean energy exports will increase jobs

  • Stronger clean energy exports investment would lead to 395,000 clean export jobs and $89 billion in new trade through to 2040 – EY/WWF Clean Energy Exports report
  • 2020 Ernst & Young report models a threefold jobs increase compared to spending on fossil fuel projects
  • Doubled renewables jobs by 2025 with strong policy settings – Clean Energy at Work report

Moving to clean energy will reduce energy bills and it’s better for our health

  • Annual household savings of $5000 from moving from all-electric homes and cars, A modest investment in the next 5 years ($12b) would reap over $300bn savings through to 2035 – Rewiring Australia’s Castles and Cars report
  • 12% of childhood asthma “is attributable” to gas cooking exposure – University of Queensland research
  • A gas-free home is safer for our families. It’s time to move to cleaner, affordable electric appliances. Check out our information page here, and our interactive pdf here.
Making the switch away from fossil gas interactive brochure

Our politicians are failing to address the climate crisis

Australia was the “only major developed country that refused to increase its 2030 emissions reduction targets” at COP26.

Morisson took a net zero by 2050 climate policy to Glasgow that was constrained by a settlement with the Nationals with details remaining “a secret”, that cost a new Cabinet position, “billions of dollars” in a regional future fund, and no increase in 2030 targets. Barnaby Joyce even went so far as to say that the Nationals had not signed up to the COP26 pact, despite Australia’s official agreement.

Even “moderate” politicians like Dr Katie Allen have to toe the party line on climate, and when you compare, her voting record is little different to Barnaby Joyce’s on issues like the clean energy transition and climate action.

Even though Australia has world leading solar and wind resources, and massive potential for renewables-led exports, our government still is promoting gas expansion with over 100 fossil fuel projects in the pipeline with a total emissions potential equal to an eye-watering 5% of global industrial emissions.

Time is running out.

Voters in Higgins could help decide who forms government in 2022

According to Amy Remeikis, the Guardian’s political reporter, Higgins is one of a couple of dozen seats, critical to forming government in 2022. Higgins has a slender margin of 3.88% and has had a recent redistribution where much of Windsor has been transferred to Higgins.

Let’s make climate #1 in Higgins!

Do you have an hour or so to spare on Thursday mornings 11-12?

Join us outside Katie Allen’s office, 1343 Malvern Rd, Malvern, from 11am to noon, as we build support for our #VoteClimate campaign. We are meeting every Thursday, starting again from January 6th.

You can check out  Facebook albums here, here and here from some of our actions, and listen to a 1 minute video message here.

The next Federal election is right here, and we need volunteers

The window for action on climate is closing rapidly. Even in conservative electorates, the vast majority of Australians want faster climate action, to protect our health and our economic future.

It’s time to shift our politics!

Previous local Vote Climate campaigns contributed to a strong swing against national trends in Kooyong, and also helped elect a local Council with a much more progressive outlook on climate.

Right now we need letterboxers, and people who can help with the Higgins Candidate Forum on the 5th May. Volunteer here with Higgins CAN

We would also love you to help with pre-poll, polling day, calling volunteers and social media. Sign up in the form below to keep updated with Lighter Footprints or connect with our VoteClimate campaign.


Talking about climate

Let’s make climate the number one issue in Higgins.

You can donate to our #VoteClimate campaign here.

Further Information

Lighter Footprints is supporting other local climate groups in running the #VoteClimate campaign in Higgins, coordinated by the Higgins Climate Action Network (HCAN). If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to connect with HCAN to keep updated with the campaign.

We’d love you to RSVP to the Higgins Candidate Forum, 7.30pm, Malvern Town Hall, with renewables industry leader and enetrepreneur Eytan Lenko.

You can check out Lighter Footprint’s blog on Vote Climate action here.

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