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Vote Climate Neighbours – Hawthorn East

Why I’m voting climate – David Strang

I believe that the climate crisis is, by far, the single most important issue facing us.  If we do not take decisive action now we condemn future generations to living in a hostile world.

What are your main concerns?

Voters want clean energy. Our children are demanding climate action. 

While we now have federal and state governments setting emissions reduction targets these targets are too little too late.  Our politicians are using all the excuses available to resist stronger targets and both the federal and state governments support further oil and gas exploration. 

We have made progress but once again we find our politicians are slowing the transition to net zero.  Major areas where progress is slow are:

  • Native logging. Victorian government MPs will not even discuss the issue
  • Reducing gas consumption – the government is listening to the delaying tactics of the fossil fuel industry
  • Stopping any further gas or oil exploration as recommended by the IPCC





David Strang Vote Climate
Energy transition group with David Strang

Tell us some more about why you are voting for the climate?

I started reading about our climate crisis relatively recently.  I Iistened to my daughter’s strong opinions and did my own research.  I was appalled that I understood so little about the issue and that so little action was being taken. 

We know that it is possible now to move rapidly to a grid powered by renewables. Our politicians are working against our interests, listening to only to some big businesses. The people want clean energy but our politicians are making decisions to benefit the fossil fuel sector, worsening climate impacts.

We need to vote in politicians who will listen to the people of Australia.





What can we do to help?

We have the technology to move to 70% to 80% renewable now for little or no additional cost and with renewables getting cheaper and further technology breakthroughs a 90% renewable powered grid will be achievable before we can get to 70% emissions reduction.

The number one priority should be to decarbonise the grid.

We should encourage EVs and only allow efficient ICE vehicles to be sold in Australia. There are innovative grid solutions like community batteries and other local measures as well as larger scale approaches to cleaning up our grid.

David Strang is a retired CFO and is the Convenor of the Energy Transition Working Group – more here.