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Vote Climate Neighbours – East Kew

Why I’m voting climate – Mick Nolan

This is the critical decade. We need strong action between now and 2030.  Burning fossil fuels creates climate change. We have to stop burning fossil fuels and move rapidly to clean energy. We know what needs to happen – we just have to walk the talk.

What are your main concerns?

I am very worried about the amount of global warming and what it is doing to affect our future and all species on the planet. 90% of global warming is going into heating the ocean, and that is already having massive weather effects.

In Australia, climate policy lags most other western nations. Climate targets, if following the science, should be set for at least 75% emissions reduction by 2030, and net zero by 2035. We need much faster climate action in Victoria, including a decisive move away from fossil gas and protecting our native forests.

We need to build a mandate for integrity and climate action in politics.



Vote Climate Neighbours East Kew Mick Nolan with trees
Vote Climate Neighbours East Kew Mick Nolan gas presser

Tell us some more about why you are voting for the climate?

We have the technology for decarbonising our economy. We need to demand action – at the ballot box, in our Councils, from our Federal government and from our State government. At Lighter Footprints we are connecting the grass roots and building a community to become a powerful force for change.

Indigenous peoples looked after this country for the last 50,000 + years. We need to Vote Climate to restore integrity and vision, and elect people who are real representatives.





What can we do to help?

We need to electrify almost everything and power it with renewables. Green hydrogen can do the last bits like steel making and ships and planes. South Australia is showing the way in their electricity grid. Cars need to move off oil and go electric. Homes need to move off gas – we can, with ultra efficient electric heat pumps and solar. We can expand manufacturing and transform our exports with abundant clean energy.

“We need to go around or get rid of the fossil incumbents and blockers. If we work together we can create a great future – a future that is clean, healthy, prosperous.

We have the technology for decarbonising our economy today – its amazing that we have come so far. Scientists and entrepreneurs and places like California and Europe have really worked hard to create the new technologies – Australian work has been critical in the development of solar and grid technologies. There’s no excuses for not moving, because we pretty much have the technologies we need right now.

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