Lynn Frankes in Victoria Park in Kew

Local Climate Action – Kew

Lynn Frankes’ story

Lynn was born on the east coast of the United States, met her Australian husband while studying at the London School of Economics, and since then, has lived within a 5km radius around Hawthorn, East Kew and Kew.

What is it like living in Kew?

I have lovely neighbors – that really ties us to this street.  We’ve got Victoria Park down the bottom of the hill, and we’re close to the Outer Circle Linear Park and bike tracks. I really enjoy walking along the Yarra and to Hays paddock.    

I like that I can walk down to Glenferrie Road and go to Readings. That’s a nice walk and an opportunity to have a browse and pick up a book. I love a good bookshop. Canterbury Books, a second-hand bookshop in the Canterbury train station car park, is another favouite. 

We are spoiled for choice in Kew when it comes to restaurants and cafes.  We often go to Aachis Indian restaurant in Kew Junction. We’ve got a vegan and they can cater for all appetites. I also like being able to hop on a tram and head into the city. 

Pergola Alexandra Gardens in Kew
Lynn Frankes walking in Victoria Park in Kew

What is your motivation for joining a local climate action group?

I would do anything for my two kids. It’s unacceptable to me that I should stand by while the world moves towards a climate that is inconsistent with organised human society. You love your kids desperately – why would you passively watch their future be jeopardised? I want to be able to look at my kids and say I did everything I could to stop this.

“Another strong motivation is I think what we are doing to species other than humans is immoral. The natural world is so precious, and we are destroying it at such a rate. We have no right to do that, it’s inexcusable.”

If you see a problem and do nothing about it because you feel powerless to achieve anything – that takes you nowhere. I think you have to step up and give it a try and see if you can make some change.

When did you join the local climate action group Lighter Footprints and how are you involved with them?

I was a member of the Green Team at Kew East Primary School and after running a state election forum in 2006 with some other parents, we had the choice of continuing or joining with Lighter Footprints who were more established, so we joined them.

I’ve been active all the way along and have done pretty much everything. I’ve been on lots of committees, visited politicians and helped organize election forums.  For a while I was the stalls lady. In 2020 I became Co-Convenor with Mick Nolan.

Lynn Frankes in Victoria Park in Kew

What would you say to someone who is interested in taking climate action and thinking of joining Lighter Footprints?

Being part of Lighter Footprints is invigorating and a great reminder you are not alone. There are a lot of people who care about what you care about, and it’s great to be with people who share your values, who can support you and join you in this fight.

“We need systemic change and that means we need our governments to act. It’s essential we work together to achieve this. Democracy is not a spectator sport, and if you value your democracy, you have to be part of it and that means stepping up and making your voice heard.”

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