Local Climate Action Golen Iris Jackie Yowell

Local Climate Action – Glen Iris

Jackie Yowell’s story

Jackie Yowell was born and raised in Kenya and came to Australia in 1971. She feels incredibly lucky to have ended up in a country which has such unique and beautiful nature.

What is it like living in Glen Iris?

We’re fortunate our house is in a shady treed street with friendly neighbours. We walk and picnic at the nearby Gardiners Creek parks and this was particularly wonderful during the pandemic restrictions.

Our area also has good community facilities and local shops and cafes. So, it’s great living in Glen Iris, but particularly being so close to parks.

Local climate glen iris garden Jackie Yowell
Local climate action glen iris garden Jackie Yowell

What is your motivation for joining a local climate action group?

I’ve been reading and learning about environmental concerns and the need to value and protect the natural environment for many decades, both in my career in book publishing and subsequently with volunteer organisations.

Unfortunately progress is so slow in Australia, and we need to build a groundswell of support to get our politicians to act. I am very concerned for future generations, we must act now and not leave them with an impossible problem to solve.


When did you join the local climate action group Lighter Footprints and how are you involved with them?

I joined only a few months ago, and I’m involved in the Vote Climate campaign. I’ve attended some events, met some good people and I’m working out ways in which I can best contribute, probably with communications, as my experience with writing and publishing may be useful.  

But I’ll do whatever I can to help with the time I have available. I’m also keeping fit tramping around local streets letterboxing climate information and have roped in my husband to do it with me! I’m meeting with others regularly to plan and draft articles for the website or media. I hope I can help with events that inspire people to act.


Local Climate Action Glen Iris Jackie Yowell with fruit tree

What would you say to someone who is interested in taking climate action and thinking of joining Lighter Footprints?

Just do it, I’d say!  As the 1.5 °C global warming target moves out of reach, UN chief António Guterres says we’re ‘sleepwalking to climate catastrophe’. 

“Do we want our legacy to be the nightmare consequences of climate change or having alerted others to wide-awake solutions?”

We must do something, so join with others who are already doing something to wake us all up.