Many people and many households are now considering buying an Electric vehicle. For most the decision centres around three key considerations:

  • the economics of cost of purchase and cost of running of an EV versus an Internal combustion engine (ICE) car
  • publicly available EV chargers
  • vehicle range (Km’s between charges) and distance to regular destinations

We know that most people will charge at home most of the time, enroute and destination chargers are essential for many apartment dwellers, people without off-street parking, and those passing through.

This article looks at the second key consideration (above) – publicly available EV chargers – where and what EV charging infrastructure is available for people living and travelling within Boroondara council area. With information also for two adjacent Councils – City of Whitehorse, and the City of Stonnington.

This data has been taken from the Plugshare (EV charging information App and website as at July 2023.  The web-site has additional data for each site, including location of EV plugs, whether they are currently in use – although this is often unreliable as it relies on users registering – as well as hours available, photos and comments from users, etc.

In summary, some EV chargers are available at Councils and public shopping centres (often free) and at businesses, hotels, schools and unis (sometimes restricted). Detailed locations and information is provided, by Council, below.

Boroondara Council area has free charging at 2 general locations:  Camberwell ‘The Well’ shopping centre; Tooronga Village shopping centre.
Whitehorse Council area has free charging at 2 general locations: Forest Hill Chase shopping centre; Burwood Brickworks shopping centre.
Stonnington Council area has free charging at 5 general locations: Council, a Public carpark, Chadstone shopping centre; Malvern Central shopping centre; Prahran shopping centre.