Massive Crowds in Melbourne for Climate Strike

Melbourne turned out in force for the global Climate Strike. Organisers called it at 150,000, certainly the crowds were well over 100,000, a good part of Australia’s 350,000, the culmination of months of work for the School Strike movement and their allies. The crowds overflowed Treasury Gardens, completely clogging Spring St and right up to the Treasury buildings and government offices.

Massive crowds as far as the eye can see overflowing Treasury Gardens
Kids, parents, First Nations and Pacific, workers and grandparents massed together, standing against the huge climate impacts that Australians are bearing right now – fires, floods, drought and scorching heat.

Beautiful handmade signs at the Climate Strike

Save my Future - poignant climate strike signs

So many kids arrived early, some with parents, some with friends, most with poignant hand made signs.

Colourful, vibrant costumes and signs at the climate march

It was heart stirring to realise that people waited patiently over an hour to join the main march route up Collins, along Spencer and down Flinders – the front arriving back well before the rear had left.

Creative puppets, powerful emotions at the climate strike

Kids on shoulders, music, puppets, creativity and sheer determination to act on climate, right now, right here.

Our highest duty is preserve a liveable world for our kids

As adults, our highest duty is make sure that our kids and grandkids still have a beautiful world to call home. 150,000 Melburnians, give or take, made a powerful statement to the world and to our government to that effect this last Friday.

Flags and banners - Melbourne turned out in force for the climate strike

Festive street march for the Climate Strike