For years we have been told that we can’t move to renewables and keep our economy growing. The take home point from Lighter Footprints October 31 Forum is that is no longer the case. In fact the reverse is true.

Global experts Tom Kompas, the author of a high level business case on a clean economy transition for Victoria and Queensland, and Peter Newman AO, IPCC Lead Author, will present compelling evidence on the benefits of the transition, both to the economy, and environment, and the avoided costs and reduced risk. Anthea Harris, heading the Energy Unit at DEWLP for the Victorian State Government will provide a more precise local focus.

Living in a Clean Economy will showcase both why it is essential to move rapidly to a clean energy economy, and what that might look like, based on the way Australia and countries around the world are taking this on.

The evidence of the last 20 years is that GDP is no longer directly linked to the use of fossil fuels. As their use is phased out, so GDP has continued to grow. A clean economy can do that, provide the stability required and still be net zero emissions.  But what does that look like?   Our panel will examine that across a range of sectors, most especially that of energy.

All the speakers will set their context in the climate crisis as the driver for a fast transition and take different perspectives: Peter Newman will discuss what he sees at an international level through the IPCC and his work across many countries. His particular interest is in how cities work sustainably to reduce their emissions but grow economically.

Carolyn with Tom Kompas Report

Tom Kompas has researched effective options for Australian states to reduce emissions across a range of sectors, and has analysed the costs and benefits of doing so. This has provided a resounding endorsement for governments to take action for sound economic reasons. Tom Kompas’s research into the cost and benefits of climate change action show that states can take the lead in energy, transport, agriculture and land-use that will drive employment as these sectors undergo change.

Anthea Harris will reflect her view from the Victorian Government perspective of the impact of climate change in this state. She will provide an insight into what Victoria is proposing to reduce emissions, particularly in the energy sector, and to grow the economy at the same time.

If you are yet to be convinced that there are sound economically viable ways to keep global warming to the limits that enable a safe climate, then come and hear what this panel has to say. Your informed views will be influential in pressuring governments to take immediate action.

We would appreciate your RSVP, and you are welcome to help publicise this compelling message. Feel free to call Carolyn on 0411 115 186 for more information.