Our volunteers are our strength!

Our next big job is the October 31 forum; we are all going to be pulling together to fill this hall.

Please don’t forget to register yourself on our website page.

Given the very apparent skills of our Lighter Footprints volunteers, there will be so many creative ways you can support the Forum message – a faster transition to a clean economy is economically worthwhile as well as utterly necessary. Talking to your friends and work contacts is valuable – a time to encourage someone who needs to hear this message about must be done and how fast!
Celebrating Lighter Footprints letters at the meeting
On this Monday 30th at 5 pm, a few of us are meeting to do some planning around the venue, special invitations,  meeting handouts, and generally making the night very special, and we’d love some additional members!  (call 0411 115 186).
We will also be looking out for people to help on the night – with jobs like coordination of volunteers and their badging, putting banners up, papers on seats, money collection, registration, ‘herding’ of arrivals, and greeting speakers. When we send round a request for names on the list, we hope you will be prepared and ready to run!
Lighter Footprints members signing up
And we have flyers for delivery in about a week from today ( about 3 weeks before the event ) so that you get some walks in  – either  to a priority mapped area in Hawthorn, or a place not too far from the Hawthown Town hall that is the area you live in. Poster delivery is also very worthwhile – thanks very much to Ric for the printing, and to those who picked up!
Forum bundles
This has always been the most extraordinary thing – that you have delivered 25,000 flyers over a short period and that this is part of the business of familiarising the neighbourhood with what we are doing. The flyers (with maps and instructions the back of the maps )are available already for pick up from the verandah at 15 Faversham Rd, Canterbury.
Thanks so much for this support- here is thanks in advance of it!