Congratulations to the dedicated and persistent letter writers who have been featured during the second week of January in the Australian Financial Review!

It takes a special person to get up early day after day, scan articles and the news, and respond with wit, grace (and brevity), especially on climate, especially in the conservative press. So we want to extend our thanks to John Gare, Andrea Bunting, William Chandler, Barbara Fraser, Carolyn Ingvarson and Malcolm Cameron for their success – and a special mention to Malcolm for his leadership and collating the letters.

Here John Gare pulls us up – consider emissions goals as well as reliability. Gas is all very well, but we need to move rapidly towards a decarbonised energy supply.

John Gare Climate letter

Barbara Fraser toasts AEMO Chief Audrey Zibelman for her persistence in being able to focus national attention on climate constraints in our energy system.

Barbara Fraser Climate letter

Bill Chandler discusses the risk to shareholders (and the general community) of climate implications in commercial projects given our rapidly deteriorating climate prospects.

William Chandler Climate letter

Andrea Bunting reminds us that business groups have a lot to answer for when to comes to climate leadership.

Andrea Bunting Climate letter

Carolyn Ingvarson explains that Scott Morrison’s words on supporting the Paris Agreement don’t stack up – in fact, Australia is “punching above it’s weight” in derailing climate action.

Carolyn Ingvarson Climate letter

Malcolm Cameron reminds us that fiscal policy should take into consideration all community members.

Malcolm Cameron Climate letter

A price on carbon. John Gare reminds us of this essential part of the policy toolkit, even more effective when used in conjunction with regulations and levies. Yes it is indeed time to wake up to our gathering climate emergency.

John Gare Climate letter

Well done!
Having so many letters in the AFR in the space of one week is truly an extraordinary achievement – hats off to all our dedicated writers.