Past Events

Below is a list of all our past events. If you are interested in any of the topics or issues, visit our YouTube Channel to view recordings of past events. Expert speakers and topics are also summarised in blogs on our Blogs page.

Campaign Celebration, Drinks & Debrief

Wow! What a result! The landscape has changed and we played our part. It has gone from deep blue to red and teal in the seats we campaigned in.

May 25, Campaign Celebration, Drinks and Debrief

Coincidence? We don't think so. We all deserve a congratulatory drink to celebrate this win for the climate! Join us Wednesday 25 May, 7:30pm, upstairs at the Elgin Hotel, for an election de-brief and general knees-up, with Paul Sinclair, ACF's Campaign Manager.

Offshore Wind: “it’s a game changer”

Victoria has announced big plans for offshore wind, seizing first-mover advantage in Australia, with first generation planned for 2028, 2GW by 2032 rising to 9GW by 2040.

Offshore Wind June 29 with Sarah Altmann and Pat Simons

Join us to find out how this exciting new source of clean energy can create resilience in electricity generation, revitalise regional infrastructure, create many thousands of new regional jobs, and make a significant contribution to Victoria’s decarbonisation goals.

Vote Climate 2022 Campaign Launch

Welcome to our Vote Climate 2022 Campaign Launch! Let's get this party started!

Vote Climate 2022 Launch, March 30, Marwal Centre

Things are heating up in Kooyong! Some even say Kooyong is in play. Can we shift the politics? Can we make climate the vote deciding issue in the Federal election in Kooyong? The answer to this question depends on you. Our Kooyong Votes Climate campaign is run on people power and we need you to make it a success. We are joining with our friends at the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance to kick off the Kooyong Votes Climate campaign on Wednesday 30 March at 7:30 pm and we would be delighted if you would join us.

Kooyong Candidates Forum 2022 – Now Full. Can be viewed on Facebook Live

This event is now fully booked. It can be viewed on facebook live on the Lighter Footprints facebook page Where do the Kooyong electorate candidates stand on climate? What is their vision for Australia's transition to a clean energy economy and the protection of the planet for future generations? Join us at the Hawthorn Arts Centre on Wednesday 27th April, at 7:00pm for a 7.30 start. Listen to the candidates, ask them questions and inform your vote!

Kooyong Candidates Forum Wednesday April 27th 7.30-9.00pm Hawthorn Arts Centre

Too often our candidates are no more than faceless names on a ballot paper. This forum offers the opportunity for you to get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and their climate policies. There is nothing quite like seeing them on stage answering the hard questions.

Clean Energy – Let’s Get on With It: Chisholm Votes Climate Friday Action, December 17

Let's make climate #1 in 2022 to secure a cleaner, more prosperous and sustainable future. Chisholm is on a knife edge, with a margin of well under 1%. Join us every Friday morning to kickstart the Chisholm #VotesClimate campaign! We'll be focussing our Friday 17th action on clean energy jobs.

Chisholm Friday actions - December 17th

Investing in clean energy means more jobs and lowered energy bills. Ernst & Young, in a report for the World Wildlife Fund, found that accelerating investment in clean energy exports would add 395,000 new jobs and $89 billion in new trade through to 2040. Rewiring Australia recently calculated that a modest $12 billion investment in electrifying our homes and cars would result in $5000 annual savings per household, returning over $300 billion savings through to 2035. We would love you to join us on our Friday Action on Burwood Highway, catching the morning rush.

Clean Energy – Let’s Get on With It: Chisholm Votes Climate Friday Action, December 10

Let's make climate #1 in 2022 to secure a cleaner, more prosperous and sustainable future. Chisholm is on a knife edge, with a margin of well under 1%. Join us every Friday morning to kickstart the Chisholm #VotesClimate campaign!

Chisholm Friday Actions - December 10

Investing in clean energy means more jobs and lowered energy bills. Ernst & Young, in a report for the World Wildlife Fund, found that accelerating investment in clean energy exports would add 395,000 new jobs and $89 billion in new trade through to 2040. Rewiring Australia recently calculated that a modest $12 billion investment in electrifying our homes and cars would result in $5000 annual savings per household, returning over $300 billion savings through to 2035. We would love you to join us on our Friday Action on Burwood Highway, catching the morning rush.

Frydo Fridays: the Colossal Fossil Awards

Frydo Fridays are back! Join Frydo Fridays' COP26 award night to offer the Colossal Fossil award to Treasurer Frydosaurus, who has been lashing out with pots of public money to subsidise massive fossil fuel expansion.

Frydo Fridays: the Colossal Fossil Awards on December 10th, 5.30pm, 145 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East

Why are we paying to subsidise fossil fuel expansion against scientific findings and the international consensus, risking our children's future? What can we do to make our future better? Hear from Australian Conservation Foundation's democracy campaigner, Jolene Elberth on how to reclaim our democracy. Dress up, dress down, and have fun! Musical instruments are welcome.

Clean Energy – Let’s Get on With It: Chisholm Votes Climate Friday Action, December 3

Let's make climate #1 in 2022 to secure a cleaner, more prosperous and sustainable future. Chisholm is on a knife edge, with a margin of well under 1%. Join us every Friday morning to kickstart the Chisholm #VotesClimate campaign!

Dec 3 Chisholm Friday Action - Vote Climate, 140 Burwood Highway, Burwood, 7.30 am

Investing in clean energy means more jobs and lowered energy bills. Ernst & Young, in a report for the World Wildlife Fund, found that accelerating investment in clean energy exports would add 395,000 new jobs and $89 billion in new trade through to 2040. Rewiring Australia recently calculated that a modest $12 billion investment in electrifying our homes and cars would result in $5000 annual savings per household, returning over $300 billion savings through to 2035. We would love you to join us on our Friday Action on Burwood Highway, catching the morning rush.

Superpower 2022 with Simon Holmes à Court

This is time to seize the change and superpower 2022! Join us for Simon Holmes à Court's annual energy update - now online.

Feb 23 Superpower 2022 Lighter Footprints presents Simon Holmes a Court in his annual energy update

Global capital is fleeing the fossil industries as more and more countries are accelerating their transition to clean energy, pledge to cut methane, and seizing first mover opportunities in more difficult sectors like green steel, cement and transport. Australia is so well positioned to take advantage of this unstoppable transition with world beating amounts of renewable resources, minerals and a suitable workforce.

Make Solar Easy – March 16

Rooftop solar is more popular than ever! Slashing energy bills while lowering household carbon emissions, installing solar pays for itself in around 3 - 6 years. However, for many people, the biggest barrier is access to trustworthy information. This is where the Metro Community Power Hub (MCPH) can help – by offering independent advice and connecting you with trusted suppliers and discounted solar through the MCPH Solar and All-Electric Home program.

Make Solar Easy solar information night with Lachlan Hensey, Metro Community Power Hub, March 16

Lachlan Hensey, MCPH Energy Advisor at Yarra Energy Foundation, will take us through the typical journey of a household seeking solar. He’ll offer advice on sizing your system appropriately, how to make the most out of your system, and overcoming potential challenges. He’ll also outline what other steps you can take to enhance your comfort at home while reducing your energy expenses and carbon emissions.

Climate Hopes and Reflections – An evening with your State MPs

Let's get to know our State MPs and hear their thoughts and reflections on the year that was. We are delighted that three of our local leaders will be joining discuss their hopes for climate action in 2022. This is our chance to ask our MPs questions. What can these leaders do to help our community make the transition to a clean energy future?

November 24 States MPs

Lighter Footprints welcomes John Kennedy, the Member for Hawthorn, Paul Hamer, the Member for Box Hill and Will Fowles, the Member for Burwood. Did you know both Paul Hamer and Will Fowles sit on Parliament's Environment and Planning committee or that Paul Hamer is particularly passionate about transport, or that John Kennedy regularly attends our events? All three MPs care about climate. Let's find out what they hope can be achieved in 2022.

Make Solar Easy

Rooftop solar is so popular - slashing energy bill costs, lowering your carbon footprints and paying for itself in around 3 - 6 years. However for many people, the biggest barrier is access to the right information. This is where the Metro Community Power Hub (MCPH) can offer independent advice, connecting you with trusted suppliers and discounted solar.

November 3 Make Solar Easy information night

Peter Mercouriou, MCPH Manager and experienced solar advisor, will guide us through a discussion on the right kind of setup, what sort of panels, heritage factors, whether a battery should be included, and how the MCPH can help with choosing suppliers and installers. The program only works with carefully vetted installers and offers discounts of up to 20% off.

Going it alone! What States can do for Climate Action

Where can we move on climate in Victoria given Australia's conflicted policy landscape? The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, The Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio, will outline Victoria's progress towards climate targets, and opportunities for further action despite Federal roadblocks.

October 20 Going it Alone - what States can do for climate action with Minister Lily D'Ambrosio

After hearing from the Minister, she will be joined in conversation with Simon Holmes a Court, Senior Advisor to the Climate and Energy College, Melbourne University. The evening will be facilitated by Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, Strategic Director, Women Environmental Leadership Australia. There will be time for audience questions.

Learn more about Boroondara’s Climate Action Plan

This is your chance to engage with Council and find out ways we can encourage climate action at the local level! We will be joined by our Mayor, Cr Garry Thompson, Cr Wes Gault and the Coordinator for Environment Sustainability, Mathew Dixon, who will explain Boroondara's new Climate Action Plan and to give us an indication of how we can be involved.

September 29 Boroondara Climate Action Plan Lighter Footprints event

Council hopes to have finalised the action plan and the accompanying two year implementation plan by the time of our 29 September meeting. Join us to learn more about this new approach by Boroondara, and how we can support and strengthen climate action right here in our own locality.

Protecting Victoria’s Forests

Why are Victoria’s forests so special? Join Sarah Rees and Dr Chris Taylor for an update on Victoria’s remaining forests, and what we can do to save what is left.

Lighter Footprints Event August 25 Protecting Victoria's Forests

Join us on Wednesday 25 August to hear about the latest updates in the fight to protect Victoria's forests. Sarah Rees and Dr Chris Taylor live and breathe forest protection, contributing to research and conservation initiatives for Victoria’s forests, bushfire, logging and the proposed Great Forest National Park.

The Fully Electric Home and the Fight Against Gas

Join us on Wednesday 28 July to hear about transitioning your home to be fully electric and the continuing fight against plans for gas expansion and the "gas fired recovery".

July Fully Electric Home and the fight against gas online event

A fully electric home is more efficient, saves money and protects our families' health. learn from Friends of the Earth's Cam Walker about the impact of the end of Victoria’s moratorium on onshore conventional gas, the fight against new gas happening around the country, and how we can be involved to protect our future. Energy advisor and electrification activist Tim Forcey will show us the benefits of moving away from gas to a fully electric home, and the steps involved in this transition.

Community Batteries: Getting ahead of the curve

Wouldn’t it be good to sign up to a community battery that stores your excess and releases it back later saving you money and supporting the grid? Victorian trials are underway and the Victorian Government has a new Neighbourhood Battery funding program. Community batteries will be a real option very soon.

Community Batteries - Getting ahead of the curve June 30

Many of us would rather forgo the initial $5-10,000 investment and associated installation required for behind-the-meter storage in favour of a simpler approach, that also offers a more efficient use of battery technology, where power is shared at a local community level. Yarra Energy Foundation’s Chris Wallan and Greg Hannan from Citipower/United Energy will talk to us about this new approach to energy storage that will also help smooth the way to a higher level of clean energy in the grid, including Yarra Energy Foundation and Citipower’s new “shovel ready” community battery initiative. Unless Covid restrictions change, we are very likely to be holding this event online - final confirmation 72 hours before.

Climate For Change: Come and Join the Conversation

For our first in person meeting in since 2019 we are doing something special! Bring a friend and join us at 6:30pm for a casual pizza dinner followed by a facilitated climate conversation.

Climate for Change Climate Conversations Event

We know that having conversations with neighbours, friends and relatives is a way of bringing people on the journey towards climate awareness and action. At this meeting we will be joined by Climate for Change trained facilitators who will help us to have these effective climate conversations.

Climate Targets & Tariffs: Australia on the World Stage

Climate targets and tariffs - will Australia be an international pariah or climate leader? How do we break through Australia's climate policy barriers? Join us on Wednesday 28 April to explore the rapidly shifting international climate change context.

Climate Targets and Tariffs Event Australia on the World Stage

Australia now faces an international community that is increasingly demanding significant climate change action and threatening penalties for those who do not play ball.

Is a ‘gas-led recovery’ a road to nowhere?

Join us on Wednesday 31st March 2021 to hear from two excellent Speakers – Tony Wood and Bruce Mountain – on where gas fits into the picture for the Australian and Victorian energy mixes. So where to now ? What does moving away from gas look like?

March 31 Gas A Road to Nowhere event

'Tony Wood will outline how Gas used to be cheap, but is not now. Gas is a fossil fuel - so we need to be moving away from gas. There are key three sectors or uses for Gas here in Australia.  Tony will look at how we make the big shift in these 3 key areas. (20 minutes). 'Bruce Mountain will be discussing work that the Victorian Energy Policy Centre has done to understand the greenhouse gas, investment and energy price implications of replacing gas with electricity in Victoria's households, with various target completion dates.' (20 minutes) Q&A (20 minutes).

2021: Riding The Clean Energy Wave

Join us at 7:30pm on Wednesday 24 February 2021 talking about opportunities to ride the clean energy wave with energy insider, Simon Holmes a Court. PLEASE NOTE: due to RSVP demand and strict COVID restrictions on audience numbers at our usual venues, we are moving this event online to Zoom. We hope to return to physical meetings as soon as we are able.


2021 looks to be a watershed year for the clean energy transition - as investment giant Black Rock's CEO Larry Fink says we are cresting a "tsunami of change" in green finance, storage, with hydrogen and green steel just over the horizon. Simon Holmes a Court is a senior advisor to the Climate and Energy College at Melbourne University and sits on the Board of the Smart Energy Council. Simon is a long-time renewables energy analyst with a strong interest in both renewables powered industry, and strong sustainable communities, and will be talking about the opportunities in the clean energy transition and how we can help drive this.

Reflections and Hopes from our Local State MPs

Join us at 7:45pm to give a special thank you to long-serving Convenor Carolyn Ingvarson, before a personal discussion with our local State MPs on the year that was and the year to come at 8:15pm.

We look to our parliamentary representatives for leadership on climate and the environment. This month we've asked them to share with us their thoughts, feelings and ideas about the year that’s been - and also their hopes for the year to come.

The Fight for our Forests

Our forests are under threat. They host a wealth of biodiversity, harvest water and form a natural buffer against climate change. Fortunately dedicated community organisations are taking up the fight. Recent victories in the courts have given hope but there is still much more to do.

Fight for Forests. Speakers Steve Meacher, President Friends of Leadbeaters Possum, Jen Sanger Campaign Organiser Bob Brown Foundation, Danya Jacobs, Senior Lawyer, Environmental Justice Australia

This event will introduce you to the people who actually took the battle to VicForests in the courts and saved 66 logging coupes, and the endangered species they contain, from destruction. But you will hear how VicForests is now challenging the ruling. You will also hear about the Bob Brown Foundation's recently launched Great Forest Case and the implications for all of Australia's forests.

Boroondara Candidates Forum

Council elections are finally here for 2020! Don't miss this chance to ask climate and other questions of your ward candidates, and find out what their plans are for a climate-friendly future for Boroondara.

Lighter Footprints Boroondara Candidate Forum with Craig Reucassel

Join us at 7:30pm for an opening address from environmental documentary maker Craig Reucassel before we break out into separate ward events to hear from the election candidates. Instructions and links for joining the ward events will be provided to you on the night.

Councils stepping up on climate action

Join us to discover how councils can lead the charge on climate. What does best-practice climate action look like at a local government level? What are some Melbourne councils currently doing to spearhead emissions cuts?

To help explore some exciting local solutions we’ll be joined by three sitting Councillors: Cr Amanda Stone from Yarra City, as well as Cr Prue Cutts and Cr Tina Liu from Whitehorse. They’ll be joined by Hannah Snape, Climate Program Manager at Ironbark Consulting - a leading sustainability solutions firm that assists local governments across the country with their climate action plans.

Climate: listening to an Indigenous perspective

Join us for an honest look at the relationship between the climate movement and Indigenous Australians. Do we walk the talk and, if not, how can we do better?

Lidia Thorpe Climate Indigenous Perspective event

Recent police murders of African Americans in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement are causing Australians to reflect on the systemic racism that forms part of our society. The climate movement is not immune and we can learn from the values connection between environmental degradation and inequality. Lidia Thorpe - former MP for Northcote, soon to be Victorian Senator, Gunnai-Gunditjmara woman and long-time champion of Indigenous rights in Victoria and Australia will explore these confronting issues with us.

Communications success: engaging with your MPs on climate change

Join us for an inside look at successfully engaging with your elected MP: including leads and steps to help you book your meetings.

Sue Dwyer from Climate for Change and Katherine Barraclough from Doctors for the Environment join us for an evening of confidence-building and communications strategy. What do you need to reach out to your MP for a meeting? What are good ways to build constructive, long-term relationships with your elected reps? Using their own experiences as a guide Sue and Katherine will help you feel ready to take the first step, and we have some basic activities planned to help build your confidence. Join on Zoom (from 7:30pm) or Facebook Live (from 7:45pm).

Anna Skarbek – Decarbonisation Futures

Join us as ClimateWorks CEO Anna Skarbek breaks down her organisation's latest report: a vision for a net-zero Australia by 2050.

ClimateWorks CEO Anna Skarbek joins us to take her through her organisation’s latest report - a detailed, sector-by-sector blueprint for Australia to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Join us to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of decarbonisation, and what it will take for an “all in” approach to succeed. Join us online via Zoom (from 7:30pm) or via Facebook Live (from 7:45pm)

ECAM & Lighter Footprints Community Meeting

Join ECAM and Lighter Footprints for a community meeting: "Local Government’s role in climate change action"

With a focus on the Canterbury to Box Hill area, ECAM and Lighter Footprints are providing an opportunity for concerned local citizens to hear from four commited, active locals: Josh Fergeus (Chair of Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action, and Monash Councillor), Steph Liow and Thomas White (local School Strikers) and Bryony Edwards (Co-founder of Council and Community Action in the Climate Emergency). Join us on Zoom from 7:30pm, register using the link below.

Simon Holmes a Court – Building the Recovery

Find out the latest from energy insider Simon Holmes a Court!

Simon Holmes a Court Building the Recovery Event image

Energy expert Simon Holmes a Court will update us on the current energy picture. He will give us his take on how we can move forward to shape the transition towards renewables and build a better future. Join us online via Zoom (from 7:30pm) or via Facebook Live (from 7:45pm)

Climate, the Financial Sector and Shareholder Action

Join us online for this event with Market Forces!

Market Forces 29 April

Heard of Market Forces? Financial climate activism is driving the flight of global capital away from fossil corporates! Campaigners Pablo Brait and Rachel Deans explain how together we can hold corporates accountable, drive divestment, and protect the planet through funding the clean energy transition. It's time to make our funds, banks and insurance companies part of the solution!

Implementation Day: Get Involved with Lighter Footprints’ Action Groups

Do you want to contribute to the work of Lighter Footprints on climate but aren't sure how? Come and find out what we do. Join us for an afternoon program on getting involved with our action groups on Sunday March 15 from 2-5pm. If you are short of time you can drop in from 2.45pm for afternoon tea and a self paced tour of the group tables and a chat. Carolyn will present a report back on February's Strategic Planning Day, we take a deeper dive into the work of our working groups and support groups, and you will have an opportunity to find a place for your skills and your concern for the climate.

Implementation Day: get involved with Lighter Footprints Action Groups

We would love to talk to you about what kind of volunteering would work for you. Come and meet fellow Lighter Footprints members and supporters who are the powerhouse of Lighter Footprints’ climate action at local, State and Federal levels. Our action groups include Energy Transition, Local Government, Climate Emergency, Letter Writers and Speakers, Communications and more. You can contribute as much or as little as you have time for, using skills you have now, learning new skills or just offer a helping hand at events. Whether you are a policy nut, great at social media, keen on clean energy transition, want to support climate candidates, good with new visitors, or are fantastic at combining letter dropping leaflets with daily walks, we need you. Our working group and support group leaders would love to meet you and learn more about how you can contribute to climate action in Boroondara and Kooyong.

2020 Vision with Simon Holmes à Court

DUE TO OVERWHELMING INTEREST, THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL - With federal energy policy missing on energy and climate, and with public calls for emergency action, what can be done? Simon Holmes à Court has an international perspective on how energy policy is impacting practice in countries that take climate action seriously. Join us at the Marwal Centre to hear his vision for Australia in 2020 and beyond. 7 pm for 7:30 pm for a glass of wine, nibbles and a warm welcome!

2020 Vision with Simon Holmes a Court

Simon Holmes à Court is senior advisor to the Energy Transition Hub at Melbourne University and sits on the advisory board of the Melbourne Energy Institute. He has been a pioneering force in the Australian community energy movement, as the founding chair of Hepburn Wind, the country’s first community owned wind farm, and founder of Embark Australia, a non-profit consultancy helping communities share in the benefits of local renewable energy. Simon writes regularly on the technical and political aspects of the energy transition.

Powering Up Summer

Cut through the spin and find fresh solutions to Victoria's summer heat and energy problems!

Powering up Summer

Toss energy experts Dylan McConnell and Ric Brazzale your trickiest questions, and find out more about how Victoria could lever affordable approaches like demand management, energy efficiency and load shedding into effective remedies for those summertime energy blues.

Living in the Clean Economy

Lighter Footprints is excited to present Prof Tom Kompas, Prof Peter Newman and Anthea Harris on the benefits of a low carbon economy, and the case for a faster transition.

Living in the Clean Economy, October 31st

Tom Kompas is an expert in Environmental Economics and is the lead author of a high level business case on a faster transition to a clean economy for Victoria and Queensland. His work details avoiding the massive costs of inaction (conservatively $584 billion by 2030), and three to one benefits for a faster transition to a clean economy. Peter Newman AO is an IPCC Lead Author and a much lauded sustainability expert. He will bring global perspectives and a vision of what living the clean economy could bring to communities. Anthea Harris leads the newly formed Energy Group at DEWLP and brings a Victorian perspective.

Agriculture, Regeneration & Climate

Our modern industrial agricultural monocultures are a vast climate problem but agriculture should be a source of climate innovation, reducing emissions and restoring our soils.

Agriculture, Regeneration and Climate

Conventional agriculture has led to loss of soil carbon, declining soil productivity and desertification, and in the face of heat, droughts and floods, this has become worse.

Hydrogen: The Coming Wave

The hydrogen economy is coming whether we like it or not. Can we get a place in the game, and take up hydrogen’s massive export opportunities in a carbon constrained world?

Hydrogen: The Coming Wave

Soon the hydrogen economy will be humming. Are we going to be left out in the cold?

Waste and Climate: Problem or Opportunity

Household scraps or valuable garden compost? Rubbish or biochar? Broken bottles or tougher roads? Let's apply our imagination in building a better future.

Lighter Footprints Waste Event

Waste management is a key area to lower carbon emissions and build value instead of costs.

Kooyong Candidates Forum: The Heat Is On