Past Events

Boroondara Candidates Forum

Council elections are finally here for 2020! Don't miss this chance to ask climate and other questions of your ward candidates, and find out what their plans are for a climate-friendly future for Boroondara.

Lighter Footprints Boroondara Candidate Forum with Craig Reucassel

Join us at 7:30pm for an opening address from environmental documentary maker Craig Reucassel before we break out into separate ward events to hear from the election candidates. Instructions and links for joining the ward events will be provided to you on the night.

Councils stepping up on climate action

Join us to discover how councils can lead the charge on climate. What does best-practice climate action look like at a local government level? What are some Melbourne councils currently doing to spearhead emissions cuts?

To help explore some exciting local solutions we’ll be joined by three sitting Councillors: Cr Amanda Stone from Yarra City, as well as Cr Prue Cutts and Cr Tina Liu from Whitehorse. They’ll be joined by Hannah Snape, Climate Program Manager at Ironbark Consulting - a leading sustainability solutions firm that assists local governments across the country with their climate action plans.

Climate: listening to an Indigenous perspective

Join us for an honest look at the relationship between the climate movement and Indigenous Australians. Do we walk the talk and, if not, how can we do better?

Lidia Thorpe Climate Indigenous Perspective event

Recent police murders of African Americans in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement are causing Australians to reflect on the systemic racism that forms part of our society. The climate movement is not immune and we can learn from the values connection between environmental degradation and inequality. Lidia Thorpe - former MP for Northcote, soon to be Victorian Senator, Gunnai-Gunditjmara woman and long-time champion of Indigenous rights in Victoria and Australia will explore these confronting issues with us.

Communications success: engaging with your MPs on climate change

Join us for an inside look at successfully engaging with your elected MP: including leads and steps to help you book your meetings.

Sue Dwyer from Climate for Change and Katherine Barraclough from Doctors for the Environment join us for an evening of confidence-building and communications strategy. What do you need to reach out to your MP for a meeting? What are good ways to build constructive, long-term relationships with your elected reps? Using their own experiences as a guide Sue and Katherine will help you feel ready to take the first step, and we have some basic activities planned to help build your confidence. Join on Zoom (from 7:30pm) or Facebook Live (from 7:45pm).

Anna Skarbek – Decarbonisation Futures

Join us as ClimateWorks CEO Anna Skarbek breaks down her organisation's latest report: a vision for a net-zero Australia by 2050.

ClimateWorks CEO Anna Skarbek joins us to take her through her organisation’s latest report - a detailed, sector-by-sector blueprint for Australia to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Join us to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of decarbonisation, and what it will take for an “all in” approach to succeed. Join us online via Zoom (from 7:30pm) or via Facebook Live (from 7:45pm)

ECAM & Lighter Footprints Community Meeting

Join ECAM and Lighter Footprints for a community meeting: "Local Government’s role in climate change action"

With a focus on the Canterbury to Box Hill area, ECAM and Lighter Footprints are providing an opportunity for concerned local citizens to hear from four commited, active locals: Josh Fergeus (Chair of Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action, and Monash Councillor), Steph Liow and Thomas White (local School Strikers) and Bryony Edwards (Co-founder of Council and Community Action in the Climate Emergency). Join us on Zoom from 7:30pm, register using the link below.

Simon Holmes a Court – Building the Recovery

Find out the latest from energy insider Simon Holmes a Court!

Simon Holmes a Court Building the Recovery Event image

Energy expert Simon Holmes a Court will update us on the current energy picture. He will give us his take on how we can move forward to shape the transition towards renewables and build a better future. Join us online via Zoom (from 7:30pm) or via Facebook Live (from 7:45pm)

Climate, the Financial Sector and Shareholder Action

Join us online for this event with Market Forces!

Market Forces 29 April

Heard of Market Forces? Financial climate activism is driving the flight of global capital away from fossil corporates! Campaigners Pablo Brait and Rachel Deans explain how together we can hold corporates accountable, drive divestment, and protect the planet through funding the clean energy transition. It's time to make our funds, banks and insurance companies part of the solution!

Implementation Day: Get Involved with Lighter Footprints’ Action Groups

Do you want to contribute to the work of Lighter Footprints on climate but aren't sure how? Come and find out what we do. Join us for an afternoon program on getting involved with our action groups on Sunday March 15 from 2-5pm. If you are short of time you can drop in from 2.45pm for afternoon tea and a self paced tour of the group tables and a chat. Carolyn will present a report back on February's Strategic Planning Day, we take a deeper dive into the work of our working groups and support groups, and you will have an opportunity to find a place for your skills and your concern for the climate.

Implementation Day: get involved with Lighter Footprints Action Groups

We would love to talk to you about what kind of volunteering would work for you. Come and meet fellow Lighter Footprints members and supporters who are the powerhouse of Lighter Footprints’ climate action at local, State and Federal levels. Our action groups include Energy Transition, Local Government, Climate Emergency, Letter Writers and Speakers, Communications and more. You can contribute as much or as little as you have time for, using skills you have now, learning new skills or just offer a helping hand at events. Whether you are a policy nut, great at social media, keen on clean energy transition, want to support climate candidates, good with new visitors, or are fantastic at combining letter dropping leaflets with daily walks, we need you. Our working group and support group leaders would love to meet you and learn more about how you can contribute to climate action in Boroondara and Kooyong.

2020 Vision with Simon Holmes à Court

DUE TO OVERWHELMING INTEREST, THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL - With federal energy policy missing on energy and climate, and with public calls for emergency action, what can be done? Simon Holmes à Court has an international perspective on how energy policy is impacting practice in countries that take climate action seriously. Join us at the Marwal Centre to hear his vision for Australia in 2020 and beyond. 7 pm for 7:30 pm for a glass of wine, nibbles and a warm welcome!

2020 Vision with Simon Holmes a Court

Simon Holmes à Court is senior advisor to the Energy Transition Hub at Melbourne University and sits on the advisory board of the Melbourne Energy Institute. He has been a pioneering force in the Australian community energy movement, as the founding chair of Hepburn Wind, the country’s first community owned wind farm, and founder of Embark Australia, a non-profit consultancy helping communities share in the benefits of local renewable energy. Simon writes regularly on the technical and political aspects of the energy transition.

Powering Up Summer

Cut through the spin and find fresh solutions to Victoria's summer heat and energy problems!

Powering up Summer

Toss energy experts Dylan McConnell and Ric Brazzale your trickiest questions, and find out more about how Victoria could lever affordable approaches like demand management, energy efficiency and load shedding into effective remedies for those summertime energy blues.

Living in the Clean Economy

Lighter Footprints is excited to present Prof Tom Kompas, Prof Peter Newman and Anthea Harris on the benefits of a low carbon economy, and the case for a faster transition.

Living in the Clean Economy, October 31st

Tom Kompas is an expert in Environmental Economics and is the lead author of a high level business case on a faster transition to a clean economy for Victoria and Queensland. His work details avoiding the massive costs of inaction (conservatively $584 billion by 2030), and three to one benefits for a faster transition to a clean economy. Peter Newman AO is an IPCC Lead Author and a much lauded sustainability expert. He will bring global perspectives and a vision of what living the clean economy could bring to communities. Anthea Harris leads the newly formed Energy Group at DEWLP and brings a Victorian perspective.

Agriculture, Regeneration & Climate

Our modern industrial agricultural monocultures are a vast climate problem but agriculture should be a source of climate innovation, reducing emissions and restoring our soils.

Agriculture, Regeneration and Climate

Conventional agriculture has led to loss of soil carbon, declining soil productivity and desertification, and in the face of heat, droughts and floods, this has become worse.

Hydrogen: The Coming Wave

The hydrogen economy is coming whether we like it or not. Can we get a place in the game, and take up hydrogen’s massive export opportunities in a carbon constrained world?

Hydrogen: The Coming Wave

Soon the hydrogen economy will be humming. Are we going to be left out in the cold?

Waste and Climate: Problem or Opportunity

Household scraps or valuable garden compost? Rubbish or biochar? Broken bottles or tougher roads? Let's apply our imagination in building a better future.

Lighter Footprints Waste Event

Waste management is a key area to lower carbon emissions and build value instead of costs.

Kooyong Candidates Forum: The Heat Is On