Councils stepping up on climate action

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Zoom and Facebook Live

Join us to discover how councils can lead the charge on climate. What does best-practice climate action look like at a local government level? What are some Melbourne councils currently doing to spearhead emissions cuts?

To help explore some exciting local solutions we’ll be joined by three sitting Councillors: Cr Amanda Stone from Yarra City, as well as Cr Prue Cutts and Cr Tina Liu from Whitehorse. They’ll be joined by Hannah Snape, Climate Program Manager at Ironbark Consulting - a leading sustainability solutions firm that assists local governments across the country with their climate action plans.

In Australia local governments are implementing some of the boldest climate plans. Sydney and Adelaide Cities now run their operations on 100% renewable energy, and earlier this month Melbourne City helped broker a massive deal for universities, office buildings and even chocolate factories to run completely on wind power. As Boroondara City embarks on a community consultation process for its new climate action plan, we want to highlight some of the good work done nationally and locally – check out our pre-event blog for some more inspiring stories from councils around Melbourne!

Cr Amanda Stone is a two-time former mayor of Yarra City and long-term advocate for the Yarra River. She helped found Climate Emergency Australia and currently sits on the board of the Yarra Energy Foundation. Cr Tina Liu is Whitehorse City’s representative in the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action and has a keen interest in driving new sustainability initiatives for her City – as does Cr Prue Cutts, a community-focused representative passionate about local grassroots organisations and green spaces. All three are keen to share climate and sustainability successes in their local neighborhoods.  They’ll be joined by Hannah Snape – a certified Urban Greenhouse Gas Inventory Specialist who has led Ironbark’s Climate Program Team for the last three years. She and Ironbark help councils develop evidence-based community climate action plans and navigate the difficulties in getting effective climate plans up and running. Together our four speakers will give you a clearer picture of what strong, effective climate action looks like at a local government level.