Agriculture and Climate Action : Success stories and challenges

Wednesday, July 26, 2023 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Zoom

Occupying half of the country’s land area, agriculture in Australia is vulnerable to climate change. Agriculture also offers potentially significant solutions to the climate challenges of carbon sequestration, emission reductions and maintaining biodiversity.

We will hear from three speakers who "live farming" and can tell us what is really happening on the ground with agriculture in Australia. What progress has been made with soil carbon and emissions reductions? What areas require more research and development? What are the key roadblocks and challenges to farmers adopting regenerative agriculture and acting to protect our climate and biodiversity? Our speakers will also delve into nitty gritty topics like, waste management, animal husbandry, cover crops and minimal tillage.

Peter Holding works with Farmers for Climate Action as a community Outreach Officer and is also a sheep and grain farmer from Harden, Central  NSW.

Jodie Hay is a dairy and grain farmer from an irrigation farm at Cohuna in Northern Victoria.

Dr Kate Burke is an agricultural scientist and consultant in dryland cropping from Echuca, Victoria

Join us on Zoom to hear from these speakers who really understand agriculture in Australia.