Knowledge is power – control your energy bills, increase home comfort

Wednesday, July 17, 2024 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Balwyn Park Centre, 206A Whitehorse Road, Balwyn

The transition is underway. Many of us will need advice about how to go all electric and improve the energy efficiency of our homes. At our July meeting Tim Forcey will be speaking and introducing his new book "My Efficient Electric Home Handbook". We also have three other home efficiency assessors joining us who will describe the services that they offer, the fees that they charge and other matters such as whether they provide reports and / or assistance with arranging for work to be completed.

How will you transition to an energy efficient home? What will be your initial focus? How far along the journey are you? Will your priority be insulation and draft proofing, rooftop solar, getting off gas or home energy management? What help do you require? We aim to provide many of the answers to these questions at this event.

Tim Forcey is an energy efficiency expert and the founder of the “My Efficient Electric Home” facebook group that has over 119,000 members (as at 28 May) and will almost certainly be over 120,000 members by the date of our meeting.  He has helped over 1,000 households improve their energy efficiency and reduce their emissions and is now sharing his knowledge with all of us through his new book which will be on sale at this event.

We will follow the Tim’s talk with short presentations from four assessors.  Each of these assessors has a different focus and different deliverables.  Hopefully this will help attendees to understand what assistance is available and how to access help.  The four presenters in this section are:

  • Charlie Phillips from the Earthworker Smart Energy Cooperative
  • John Godfrey from Bass Coast Climate Action Network
  • Ken Parker from Electrify Boroondara

There will be an opportunity for audience questions.

Join us on Wednesday 17 July at 7:30pm for your opportunity to hear from these experts and ask them questions. .