State Election Photoshoot – Giant globe – bring the kids!

Thursday, July 7, 2022 11:00am - 1:00pm
Location: Canterbury Guide Hall, 1A Faversham Rd, Canterbury, VIC 3126

Great photos make for engaging campaign materials that people pay attention to. We are gearing up for the State election in November and we need your help to create some fantastic images that we will use across the state campaigns we will work on.

Join us for a photo shoot at the Guide Hall, 1A Faversham Road, Canterbury on Thursday 7 July at 11am. This date is during school holidays and we want to include children in the photos (after all, it is their future we are trying to protect!) so please bring along your children or grandchildren, if possible. We will have a giant globe to use as a prop. These photos will be used on flyers, placards and online.

As an incentive to bring the kids along, professional photographer Julian Meehan will take portraits of your children or grandchildren which you can download and print. He does great work!

Help us create amazing photos that will kickstart our State campaigns!