Communications success: engaging with your MPs on climate change

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Zoom and Facebook Live

Join us for an inside look at successfully engaging with your elected MP: including leads and steps to help you book your meetings.

Sue Dwyer from Climate for Change and Katherine Barraclough from Doctors for the Environment join us for an evening of confidence-building and communications strategy. What do you need to reach out to your MP for a meeting? What are good ways to build constructive, long-term relationships with your elected reps? Using their own experiences as a guide Sue and Katherine will help you feel ready to take the first step, and we have some basic activities planned to help build your confidence. Join on Zoom (from 7:30pm) or Facebook Live (from 7:45pm).

Meeting with MPs is a crucial tactic in the climate space, and taking the plunge to approach them is often the hardest step in the whole process. MPs of all stripes usually report the same thing: they just don’t hear enough about climate concerns from the constituents! And what they don’t hear about doesn’t capture their attention, making our task all the more important.

Sue Dwyer leads the MP Engagement Group (MPEG) initiative at Climate for Change and for several years has been encouraging fellow volunteers to approach their MPs. Katherine Barraclough is a board member at Doctors for the Environment and together with Sue struck up a constructive, long-term dialogue with their local MP on climate change, as they live in the same electorate. Sue and Katherine are keen to pass on their experiences and lessons to you, as well as inspiring you to take the plunge yourself.

Long-term, constructive relationships with MPs are possible to build, and Sue and Katherine join us to give some practical advice on how to achieve this. Booking your first meeting, how many people to bring, meeting strategies, follow-up and getting repeat visits are some of the ideas you’ll learn about on Wednesday 24 June.

So grab and glass of wine, some nibbles and join us online from 7:30pm on Wednesday 24 June for Communications success: engaging with your MP. RSVP today, and email for more info.