The Fully Electric Home and the Fight Against Gas

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Zoom and Facebook Live

Join us on Wednesday 28 July to hear about transitioning your home to be fully electric and the continuing fight against plans for gas expansion and the "gas fired recovery".

A fully electric home is more efficient, saves money and protects our families' health. learn from Friends of the Earth's Cam Walker about the impact of the end of Victoria’s moratorium on onshore conventional gas, the fight against new gas happening around the country, and how we can be involved to protect our future. Energy advisor and electrification activist Tim Forcey will show us the benefits of moving away from gas to a fully electric home, and the steps involved in this transition.

While the Morrison government is running full pelt towards a gas fired recovery, the climate movement is moving just as fast in the opposite direction. Coal is on the decline with coal fired power stations becoming increasingly unviable. Gas is the new focus of the climate wars and many of us have a role to play at home, on line and in our politicians’ offices.

Tim Forcey

Hear from energy advisor Tim Forcey on transitioning to a fully electric home. For over twelve years Tim has been providing advice to homeowners on energy efficiency, improving comfort and reducing energy bills. He is the administrator of the hugely popular facebook group “My efficient electric home”.

Cam Walker

On 1 July 2021 Victoria’s moratorium on conventional onshore gas comes to an end while the ban on fracking in Victoria remains. Hear from Friends of the Earth Campaigns Coordinator, Cam Walker, who spearheaded the successful campaign in Victoria against fracking and conventional gas extraction. Cam will explain the implications of the lifting of the moratorium on conventional onshore gas in Victoria and will update us on the anti-gas campaigns being waged around Australia.

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