Please consider the following information about the upcoming summit in Brisbane.

It’s time for climate solutions….

It’s getting to that time of year again when we come together and inspire the climate movement to keep pushing for progress!

They say that the hour is darkest before the dawn, and what better place to bring on the dawn than the sun state.

In 2014 the Australian Climate Action Summit will be held Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane from the 19th-21st of September.

The Summit will cover the two full days of the weekend with presentations, workshops, networking and open space sessions on a range of key topics. On the Friday evening a Public Forum will be held featuring youth challenging our rights over their future.

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The summit will help to write the new narrative of innovative and regenerative solutions to move beyond the “business as usual” response to climate change. It will be held at the beautiful Gardens Point campus situated in Brisbane’s city centre alongside the City Botanic Gardens and the Brisbane River.

We will be contacting you again soon with more information about the summit and how you can submit program proposals. In the mean time please see a short summary of the program plan we are envisioning below.

Keep up all the good work and we hope to see you in September.


The Australian Climate Action Summit 2014 Organising Committee


This year’s Summit is branching out,  with 4 streams providing options for nurturing via head, heart or hands, wherever you are in your climate change journey:

  • Brain food – get your facts fix – climate and science updates, major national campaigns and plans from the big NGOs and grassroots networks.
  • Let’s do it! Get your hands-on training in media management, non-violent direct action, ‘democracy school’, Transition training, divestment from fossil fuels, Gas Free Communities…
  • Can we talk?  Learn how to have those difficult but meaningful conversations across the political divides, within the family, at work, at play/sport and in business. With real insights, tips and practice.
  • Heart and soul: Repair from despair! Do something for your inner activist with a range of fabulous workshops, films, music, performance and art. This includes the “Cut the crap” – stand up climate comedy competition, with local and well known comedians.

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Ahri Tallon

Australian Climate Action Summit 2014- Brisbane, 19th-21st September
Media and Communications Coordinator
M: 0423 515 941

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