Wednesday 25 July at 7pm

At the July Lighter Footprints monthly meeting we are delighted to have
Hannah Aulby who will talk to us about the very exciting Australia wide campaign to 

Repower Port Augusta: a solar future for South Australia 

Repower Port Augusta… a detailed blueprint for two of Australia’s dirtiest coal plants to be replaced by solar and wind. 

Port Augusta has the opportunity to make history by securing Australia’s first solar thermal power plants, while capitalising on the associated employment, health and environmental beneifts. By building 6 solar thermal plants and 95 wind turbines South Australia could benefit from:


 + 1800 jobs
 + Millions of tonnes of CO2 saved
 + Lower electricity prices, energy security and no dependency on gas
 + Eliminate serious health impacts of coal and gas
 + Support jobs, health, energy security and lower emissions. 
About Hannah:
Hannah is the Director of Fundraising and Development at Beyond Zero Emissions. She is an award winning community organiser and has been working on the Repower Port Augusta research and campaign for the past 6 months. She has a background in International Relations and Economics and has worked in a variety of environmental organisations