In 2019 double London’s entire annual rain fell on Townsville in just a fortnight, our country has endured another round of cyclones, Tasmania burned, the previous four years have been the hottest on record, with 2019 capping the warmest decade as the second hottest ever. Despite the world moving to clean energy, emissions are still rising. In Australia, despite “unprecendentedcatastrophic fires which may well double our annual emissions, we actively worked to derail more ambitious global targets, while asking to be let off the hook by using Kyoto credits, to the dismay of our neighbours, and trading partners. From world leading eight years ago, our climate ambition is now rated only slightly better than Iran’s.

What is really going with our energy policy? What are the levers we can pull? Simon Holmes a Court will have plenty to say about this at Lighter Footprint’s first event for the year,

Register here for Simon Holmes a Court’s annual update, “2020 Vision”, part of the SLF calendar, on Wednesday 26th February, 7 for 7.30 at the Marwal Centre, Nth Balwyn.