This is our chance to support increased funds for Boroondara’s Climate Action Plan 

This guide offers you some quick talking points and sample letters to help with calling and emailing Councillors and staff before October 25 meeting.
For more ideas and background check our two page tips sheet!


The Climate Action Plan needs more budget to be effective 

  • $400,000 (under 0.2% of Councils operating budget) leaves many CAP plans at the design stage in the first one or two years instead of the possibility of beginning implementation
  • The Council will be considering additional funds of up to $1million for Plan implementation in 2021-22 at the Council meeting on October 25th
  • We have a short window of opportunity to engage with our Councillors
  • Please call, email or seek a meeting with your Councillor today to express your support for more funds – contacts list here


A quick list of talking points

Additional funds would allow more programs to be expanded, and resource Council staffing

Additional funds could support:

  • More funding to support bulk buys for batteries, heat pumps as well as more solar panels
  • Increased funding to support household energy audits 
  • Increased funding for electric vehicle incentives including more charging stations at community locations and assisting residents at multi-unit developments
  • More funding for protected bike lanes and active transport
  • Accelerate tree cover planting
  • Funding to support increased biodiversity, gardening and compost education
  • Increase outreach staff to expand community climate action education
  • Consider assistance programs for low income households for solar and energy efficiency

Sample Letters to help with emails

Letter One – from a resident

Dear Mayor and Councillors

As a resident of Glenferrie Ward, I am writing to let you know how pleased I am that you and your fellow councillors passed the Climate Action Plan last month and that a majority of councillors voted to declare a Climate Emergency.

The Declaration of a Climate Emergency and the CAP indicate to me that Boroondara Council is facing the reality of climate change and planning to reduce emissions both from the council and community.

I am, however, concerned that unless there is an adequate budget to support the CAP, the plan will not achieve its stated aims and the momentum for action that is apparent at the moment, may be lost. Budgets always have competing pressures and interests. If council is seriously committed to the CAP then I ask that the implementation plan for 21/22 be supported by an increased budget allocation.

We do not have time to act later. The time to act is now. Please increase the budget allocation for the CAP to at least $1.5million and bring the community with you on a ground breaking, socially responsible plan of action on climate change.

You have the future of the citizens of Boroondara to consider and I urge you to take a lead and ensure our community becomes a leading low emissions LGA.

I would also be more than happy to volunteer my time to support council community activations in this area.


Local Constituent

Letter Two – increase support for staffing and education

Dear Mayor and Councillors

I congratulate Boroondara Council on declaring a Climate Emergency and approving the Climate Action Plan.

I understand Council will soon decide whether to add to the budget for the plan implementation. I am writing to you to encourage you to substantially increase funding of the plan in this financial year and going forward.

Council has many competing priorities and reduced income due to COVID but the current budget allocation of $400,000 is clearly not sufficient and indicates a concerning lack of ambition for the plan.

To get community emissions down Council will need to substantially ramp up its outreach programs.  I would like to see a significant allocation of resources in this area. More funding means more staff talking to our community and more programs implemented. I would like more of my rates dollar going into this kind of work.

Acting on climate is one of the most important things Council can do.

Please substantially increase the budget by at least $1 million.

Kind regards.

Concerned Resident

Letter Three – increased support for additional bulk buys

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

I have been doing volunteer work for climate action in Boroondara for the last six years, and am delighted about the new Climate Action Plan and the Climate Emergency Declaration. Thanks so much for your leadership and the beginnings of a pathway forward to reduce emissions right across the community in Boroondara.

I am writing to request that you allocate a larger budget than $400,000 so that some of the excellent ideas in the CAP can be implanted more quickly than would be allowed with this very restrictive initial budget allocation.  Extra funding would allow more staff to support an educative role, increasing support for solar, energy efficiency, and helping to reduce waste emissions and expenses. It would be great to see the Council show leadership through targeted solar support, some EV and gas substitution pilots, which would encourage a wider shift to clean energy, and provide further options in working in collaboration with community groups.

I will be following the meeting on the 25th with keen interest!

Kind regards

Local Volunteer