Lighter Footprints Forum 

Rewrite the Future: Climate Communities 2010

18 February 2010, Hawthorn Town Hall, Burwood Road, Hawthorn.

Has the political debate left you unsure about climate change? About your role in responding to it? Do we have the solutions needed? How can we make the necessary changes?

Lighter Footprints held a forum in February 2010 to engage with the community with the aims of: improving climate literacy; enhancing people’s respect for climate science; and encouraging a committment to action on climate change.

This event featured two short presentations from expert climate scientist Professor David Karoly and safe climate campaigner Victorian McKenzie McHarg followed by a session of small group discussions led by experienced facilitators discussing three key themes: climate literacy; available solutions; and the respective responsibilities of various stakeholders in acting on climate change. Participants recorded their responses to these discussions in a Workbook that was collected and used to prepare a Summary Report of the forum.


The Summary Report of the forum


To download this Summary Report document click here.

The following documents formed the package of materials for this forum: