Speakers will share expert knowledge and objective comment on the current policies of the Labor, Liberal and Green Parties and demonstrate effective pathways to achieve affordable energy and a safe climate.


The panel
Tristan Edis:  Outline of the challenges
Emily Peach: A young activist thinking about our future
Matthew Warren:  An industry perspective
Nick Aberle:  The role of State and Federal Government
A Q&A session will follow the presentations.
Council, State and Federal Politicians and Candidates for the local area will be invited to attend


Tristan Edis (Green Energy Markets)
Tristan is the Director Analysis and Advisory at Green Energy Markets, where he assists clients understand and make informed decisions about renewable energy, energy efficiency and other carbon abatement markets. Tristan’s involvement in the clean energy sector and related government climate change and energy policy issues dates back more than a decade, including running Climate Spectator, a daily publication on clean energy issues; the Grattan Institute think tank; the Clean Energy Council; Ernst & Young; and the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Office.  Tristan will also chair the forum and the Q&A.

Emily Peach (Community climate activist)
Emily grew up on a small farm near Christchurch, New Zealand.  She studied Physics at Canterbury University, planning to become a high school teacher.  After travelling across Europe, she now works in Melbourne and has joined with Lighter Footprints.  He involvement in the climate change movement has been quite recent, when she realised how big a problem global warming really is and how desperate the situation has become, and she is committed to doing whatever she can to help solve this global crisis we find ourselves in.

Matthew Warren (Australian Energy Council)
Matthew is the inaugural Chief Executive of the Australian Energy Council, which represents major electricity and downstream natural gas businesses operating in competitive wholesale and retail energy markets.  He was previously Chief Executive of the Clean Energy Council, where he made a significant contribution to Australian policy debate on the role of renewable energy in meeting the challenges of reducing emissions.  He has also worked as an advocate for the mining and food industries, and has advised both governments and industry on environmental policy.

Nick Aberle (Environment Victoria)
Nick is the Campaigns Manager at Environment Victoria, where he has worked on the transition of Victoria’s electricity system from coal to renewable energy, and improving mine rehabilitation. Prior to this, he spent three years as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, contributing to the 2013 State of the Environment Report.  He will provide factual information about the energy situation one year after the retirement of Hazelwood Coal Power Station, and comment on State political party policies.


Tristan Edis:  Outline of the challenges – View Tristan’s Presentation

Nick Aberle:  The role of State and Federal Government – View Nick’s Presentation

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