Our Convenor Carolyn Ingvarson makes it into the Progress Leader this month!

The New Way?

With all the talk about a new way, where is the vision for a real new Australia, one that is powered by a green economy driving renewable energy, one that values our environment as much as the digging up of our resources?

Where is the coherence between agreeing we must address climate change  (as all parties say they will) and what a low carbon economy looks like?  To get there means a government must ask, amongst other questions, how does this policy decision help to reduce carbon emissions. This means thinking about everything – policies like roads over rail, coal seam gas extraction over farming, big houses and extended outer suburbs over smaller tighter living.

I look for this coherent vision, and see only bits and pieces cobbled together as add-ons, while the juggernaut of not-rocking-the-boat powers on.

And when the next extreme weather event strikes us, and we mutter about the forces of nature and how powerless we are, where will be the voice to point out the connection between our decisions today, and disasters tomorrow.

Carolyn Ingvarson