What have we planned for Feb 2014?

You might think that February would be a quiet month but we are starting the year with a bang! 

Here are our proposed events:

1. Saturday 15 Feb  – Sustainable Festival in Boroondara – 8am to 1 pm – Auburn Rd, Hawthorn

We have been selected as one of the few community groups to share a marquee from the Council.

This is a great opportunity to promote renewable power and to let people know what we do and add names to our email lists and invite people to our next few public meetings.

We are bringing  a model of a solar thermal power set up with mirrors to demonstrate what solar power can do (We are borrowing model from BZE).

We need as many people as we can get to be buzzing around with clip boards, (as well as being able to look round the festival yourselves). And we need three people who know a bit about solar to do an an hour and bit each in the tent, and talk about the model  (The BZE guys will provide the info on this). I think it is pretty straight forward as this is the men’s shed version not the big grand one which will be in at Fed Square. 

2. Sunday 16 Feb – Strategic Planning Day 10am to 4pm – Guide Hall, Faversham Rd, Canterbury

This is a chance to meet people and contribute as much as you want to the proposed plan for this year.

We will have lunch together – bring something to add to the making of a sandwich – we’ll provide bread and butter as well as some salad and fruit, and some already made chicken sandwiches for those who prefer to bring some morning tea.

The day will be facilitated by Denise Boyd (who also worked with us in October). It would be helpful – but not essential, if you could let me know if you can come to this day (ci@the.inter.net.au). I shall forward you an outline of the day.

3. Wednesday 19 Feb – Josh Frydenberg’s Office – 3pm Burke Rd, Camberwell

We had our scheduled meeting in December cancelled and this was re-scheduled at that time. 

A few of us will meet with Josh to discuss the current issues the Government is addressing that concern us, like the potential roll back of the Renewable Energy Target.

We will report on the meeting at our first general meeting on 26th.

4. Sunday 23 Feb – Ashburton Festival, Burwood Road 10am to 3pm (or part thereof) as part of Sustainable Community marquee

Mariette Tuohey has organised tents to cover us (from the Bendigo Bank,) and we are situated between the Breastfeeding Association and the bee keepers!

This again offers a chance to talk with people about the issues that concern us, (including wandering politicians!) and to gain names for our email lists and advertise our meetings. 

We are looking for people to do an hour or so each.

5. Wednesday 26 Feb – First Lighter Footprints general meeting – 7 for 7.30pm to 9.30pm Guide Hall Faversham Rd Canterbury

This meeting will be to discuss the outcomes of the planning day, to check out our calendar of known events,  and introduce the convenors of the different project areas we hope to have going. 

Once we have clear our overall plan, we’ll work out how people can focus on what interests them.