On Friday, members of Lighter Footprints joined in cancelling a mock cheque for $65 million dollars as  a symbol of how much each electorate in Australia pays in subsidies to the fossil fuel industries.

Over $10 billion dollars per year is handed out to the the biggest carbon emitters! If we are to turn around the growing levels of carbon emissions that drive unsafe climate we must stop supporting the biggest emitters and generate our energy from renewables.

We took our ‘cancelled cheque’ which represented what the  Kooyong electorate pays towards these subsidies,  – to be spent on many other important issues in the electorate, to our local member. Our Federal MP Josh Frydenberg invited the group in to discuss this matter.

MP’s  of all parties across the country will have groups demonstrating at their offices, to highlight the levels of subsidies which must be challenged – no matter who wins the next election.

The website which has details of the campaign and the subsidies is found at: