2019 – the kids got organised!

Highlights from the letter writing group - kids got organised

There are 60 committed writers in the Letter Writing group of Lighter Footprints. In 2019, 40 of them successfully published 344 interesting, hard-hitting and thought-provoking letters, 222 on climate.

Highlights from the letter writing group

The group was passionately led by Malcolm Cameron who has inspired the writers since 2011.

Highlights from the letter writing group

Malcolm, along with John Gare and Michael Hassett write for and monitor the papers each day. All published letters are collated in a Year Book. The book was described by Malcolm as a kind of time capsule in that it records key events in society, at least those of interest to the writers, including the monthly events organised by Lighter Footprints throughout the year.

At the 2020 Vision event with Simon Holmes a Court on Wednesday night, it was good to be able to acknowledge Malcolm Cameron’s amazing leadership of this group over 10 years.

Malcolm Cameron letters

2020 there has seen an avalanche of letters so far with 22 writers successfully publishing 60 letters, 43 on climate!

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If you’d like to join the Letter Writing group, contact us via our Take Action page and we will contact you. Our writers receive articles and editorials on climate, all our published letters and related cartoons, and we scan the papers for published letters.
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Ray Peck