Family forest adventure and Greater Glider spotlighting

On Saturday 16th September Lighter Footprints, Boroondara ACF and Kinglake Friends of the Forest hosted our first Family Forest event.

It was a most wonderful event. We had over 60 participants ranging in age from 15 months to over 70 years. Parents, grand parents, children and interested friends joined Kinglake Friends of the Forests guides to explore the habitat of our beautiful and endangered greater gliders, as night fell.

Our event began in glorious sunshine and the wonderful Bella Shaw organised a Forest Bingo hunt for all who were interested, we all had a picnic dinner in the clearing adjacent to the Monda Car Park and once the sun disappeared, we were able to use the fabulous 1000 lumen spotlights to begin our search for the Greater Gliders.

It was so much fun. 

We learnt lots and everyone was thrilled to be in the forest in the presence of the magnificent habitat of the Greater Glider.

Watch Greater Gliders spotlighting


Our forests are our national treasures. Our gliders, Petaurodes volans, Petauroides minor and Petauroides armilatus are also national treasures and they are now listed as endangered.

Protecting our forests protects the gliders and their habitat.

Our forests are under threat – Greater Gliders need your help

We must care for them and care for everything that makes their home there.

Victoria’s Native Forests – State of Play, with Prof David Lindenmayer

If you want to hear more about forest activism, the science behind preservation and conservation and why our forersts are vital for the health and wellbeing of everyone, please join us on Wednesday 27th September when Professor David Lindenmayer, from ANU, will share his perspectives on the state of Victoria’s forests and Kinglake Friends of the Forest activists and citizen scientists Sue McKinnon and Aawa White will describe what their group has been doing in the Toolangi forest.

We hope you can join us

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