Wed August 27

7 for 7.30 pm

Guide Hall – Faversham Rd


Conversations with our local community.

We will be having a discussion with two members of Borderlands about what could be an on-going basis for working with others in our local community, or just amongst our own members, to raise awareness and involvement with the climate change movement.

One of our agreements made at our strategic planning day was that we should pursue stronger connections with our local community. We would try to build links with other community groups who would be likely to share our concern for the natural environment and build the growing concern at the impact of carbon emissions on our world. This may include groups like churches, environment protection groups, and gardening groups, possibly Rotary and Probus groups and local Oxfam and Getup groups and the like.

With this in mind, how do we begin these conversations, with whom, and what do they look like? What is it we want to say and how do we hear what it is that they want us to hear?

At our next LF meeting we will join with two people from Borderlands, Jacques and Jenni, to frame ways forward. They will lead us in small groups to process some of the leading questions that drive that discussion. There are likely to be opportunities to explore this further in the future but this session is for us to propose what we can do next  as well as how we might engage with the Borderlands project from here. This offers a potential for working alongside others in building  a grass roots action.

Lighter Footprints has on its website this quote from George Monbiot:

“The real issues are not technical or economic. The crisis we face demands a profound philosophical discussion, a reappraisal of who we are and what progress means. Debating these matters makes us neither saints nor communists; it shows only that we have understood the science.”

It is looking at some of these matters of concern – the subject of profound philosophical discussion – that we hope to foster through this process

Further information

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