Over 400 people attended our forum in Hawthorn Arts Centre on Tuesday 30 October. 

Forum short videos
Our editors have now finished syncing up the sound and vision and chopping up the long video into some bite sized chunks so you can listen again to what our candidates and speakers had to say about the topic of our recent packed out forum – Climate Change, Why Should I Care?

Oliver Yates certainly didn’t hold back – listen to his blunt advice on creating climate impact with your vote in a two minute, shareable short on YouTube – or join in the conversation on our Facebook post.

Here are the full 5 minute presentations from these speakers and candidates on YouTube.

• Liberal candidate John Pesutto  — 5 minute video link here
• Greens candidate Nicholas Bieber – 5 minute video here – tweeted here
• Labor candidate John Kennedy – 5 minute video here – tweeted here


Forum Slides:
We have had many requests for access to the slides.
We have made them available to you in two places.

Three Panelists can be found together in 1. below, and Joelle Gergis’s slides are submitted separately as PDF’s in 2.

1.  Powerpoint from night  http://bit.ly/LFForum18Slides

2.  Joelle’s slides PDF http://bit.ly/LFForum18GergisSlides

Facebook Live
The speakers can be revisited at our Forum Facebook live –  http://bit.ly/ClimateForum18Live on our Lighter Footprints Facebook Page 

You can find these presentations on Facebook Live at the following minutes:
Joelle Gergis at 8:00 minutes, Sara Barker 13 minutes, Oliver Yates 21.30, Mark Wakeham 29





• Greens candidate Nicholas Bieber: 1.30:00
• Labor candidate John Kennedy: 1.36:00
• Liberal candidate John Pesutto: 1.41:00


Visualisation of earth temperature’s rising
Here is a link to Mark Wakeham’s dramatic first slide

Facebook Album and Simon Holmes a Court Live Tweets
And don’t forget our Facebook Album of images of the night, and Simon Holmes a Court stunning set of Live Tweets – 100-150 actively engaged tweeters and 28,000 impressions.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter you can help push out the climate vote message of the forum by sharing, commenting, retweeting and replying to these images and tweets!

Hope you enjoy revisiting these presentations.
Carolyn Ingvarson