Lighter Footprints joined other community groups at the Ashburton Community Festival on Sunday 24 February – the last weekend of the Sustainable Living Festival.

It was another welcome opportunity for Lighter Footprints to sign up new members to our email list and engage with the public. As always our message is that climate change is exceedingly dangerous, that we are close to tipping points that will push us into irreversible climate change and that political parties need urgently to step up policies that push a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Pushing the change to renewable energy will be a theme at the next Lighter Footprints monthly meeting,  this WEDNESDAY 27 FEBRUARY, at the usual venue, where building community support for wind energy will be major topic.

At the festival, we shared  our spacious marquee, organised by the efficient  Mariette Tuohey from the Ashwood College Permaculture Food Garden and Petra Kahle from the Winton Road Food Forest, with numerous sustainability groups.

A local bee keeper and his family selling Ashwood honey added a special buzz – safely contained – to our section of the footpath.

Many thanks to Mariette for her coordination and to our own enthusiastic and indefatigable members who volunteered their time on a hot Sunday to push the climate change message.