SUNDAY RALLY- NOVEMBER 17, 11 am Treasury Place Melb.

In 2011 Australia faced a turning point. Climate scientists warned it was the beginning of the critical decade for climate change and stronger action was needed if we were to avoid the catastrophic effects of rising emissions. In response, tens of thousands of Australians united across the nation to demand stronger climate action.

Today, we’re at another turning point. Australia is poised to go backwards on climate action at a time when the government’s own independent climate policy advisory body has warned our current emissions reductions targets are “inadequate” and what we actually need is stronger and more ambitious targets.

This week, the Abbott Government will sit in Parliament for the first time ever. First on the agenda? Unwinding the steady progress we’ve made on climate, putting our health, environment, economic security and future generations at risk.

Will you stand by and let that happen? Thousands of Australians around the country have already let us know they won’t. They’ll be hitting the streets to unite for climate action. Will you join them?

What: Beat the Heat – a national day of climate action
When: 11am Sunday 17 November
Where: Treasury Gardens, Treasury Place, East Melbourne
Wear: Bright heatwave coloured clothing – reds, oranges, yellows
Bring: A hat, water bottle and lots of friends!
RSVP and map:

Two years ago, Australians rallied together in capital cities and regional towns in support of taking strong, measurable action on climate change. It was the biggest show of support for climate action Australia had ever seen.

Now, we need to do it again – this time, the action isn’t just in major cities, it’s in backyards, parks, churches and pubs all over the country. GetUp members from Dubbo to Alice Springs and all the way to Hanoi, Vietnam are coming out to beat the heat.

But if we’re going to make it bigger, louder and more diverse than last time, we’re going to need your help.

Already, thousands of Australians have committed to a huge show of climate action solidarity around the country.

Will you stand with us on Sunday 17 November?