Effective local climate action

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Influencing decision makers and community

Lighter Footprints aims to influence Australian local, state and national decision makers to take the action necessary to halt global warming as a matter of urgency.

Community Batteries Lighter Footprints Event June 30th
Fully electric home and the fight against gas Lighter  Footprints event July 28
We don't need more gas - Gas facts blog
Gas-fired recovery, a road to nowhere with Tony Wood an Bruce Mountain Lighter Footprints blog
Targets and Tariffs Lighter Footprints blog

Community Action

Community action information page

The government wants to throw our taxpayer funds at large gas companies for massive new gas fields when there are safer, cleaner alternatives right now. Find out more about our campaign to move past gas here.

Making the switch

Making the switch to clean electric appliances interactive brochure information page

Electric appliances are cleaner, safer and will save you money. Visit our information page with links to buyers guides, reviews and an interactive pdf.

Community Batteries

Community batteries information page

Community Batteries are a promising middle scale storage solution of the near future. Victorian trials are underway. Please visit our information page, with links to blogs, videos and other information. Quarterly updates available.

Coming Events

Your 2030 Home and Neighbourhood

Big changes are coming to the way we generate, use and store energy at home. Are you 2030 ready? If our local, state and national governments are on the ball there will also be significant changes to the way our neighbourhoods look. What needs to change and who is responsible?

April 17 Your 2030 Home and Neighbourhood

What should our neighbourhoods look like in 2030? Will your new EV be your home battery? What about vehicle to grid possibilities? And how will our household energy systems change? These questions and more will be answered by our expert speakers.

The Macroeconomics of Australia’s Energy Transition

Raging unemployment, trade deficits, destroyed industries - all claims made by people who oppose the energy transition. So what sorts of impacts and opportunities will flow from transitioning away from fossil fuels, and how can Australia benefit?

June 19 The Macro Economics of Australia's Energy Transition with Richard Denniss

These are big questions and serious minds are required to put some sense into this discussion. We are delighted to bring you Australia Institute Executive Director Richard Denniss in conversation with Beyond Zero Emissions CEO Heidi Lee to explain the macroeconomics of the energy transition.