Tree Canopy

Organisation: Lighter Footprints

Author: lynn Frankes

Release Date: 24/06/2024


Lighter Footprints’ Submission on Draft Tree Canopy Strategy and Action Plan- June 24

Almost half the actions in the strategy are to ‘develop’, ‘investigate’ or ‘explore’ plans, programs etc. In view
of the declining canopy and the CAP commitments made in 2021 (including the canopy target), it is
concerning that more of these actions are not yet at the implementation stage.
In this context, urgent, focused and ambitious action is now called for. It is recognised that there are limits to
the Council’s power to reverse the loss and drive increases in canopy. However, the Council needs to ensure
it is doing everything possible to maximise the tree canopy, including devoting significant additional
resources to the task. The draft strategy fails to convey an appropriate sense of urgency or of pushing
beyond ‘business as usual’.