Vote Climate Pledge - let's put our kids first

Pledge to vote for strong climate action

Climate action means accelerating clean energy, transforming exports and protecting our future!

It is vitally important that the next Federal Parliament is filled with elected representatives who are committed to strong and effective action on climate and clean energy.

Your vote matters and your concerns about this issue can influence the people around you.

Australia has been castigated for having the worst climate ambition in the UN, not improved at Glasgow. The rest of the world has got the message and is moving fast.

We have world beating renewables resources and we could be a clean energy powerhouse. However, our politicians are stuck on coal and gas

We have to shift our politics!


Strong climate action is good for the economy

It’s not rocket science – look at what Matt Kean has been able to achieve in NSW. Imagine if our Federal government could get with the program!

Australia could have:

  • Science based emission reduction targets
  • A stop to new fossil fuel mining and fossil fuel subsidies
  • An electric vehicle policy that drives uptake like that seen elsewhere in the world (Norway – 86% EVs new car sales in 2021 – in Australia it was 2%)
  • Leadership on the world stage instead of blocking ambition
  • Planned closures of coal generation and grid development to support a massive increase in renewables
  • New export markets in green steel and hydrogen


Large scale solar - clean energy is good for the economy
Candidate climate scorecards - accurate information about climate policies

Make the pledge to receive our climate Candidate Scorecard

Along with our friends at the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance, we will be evaluating the Kooyong candidates’ published climate policies and creating a Candidate Climate Scorecard, with substantiation, to help you understand where the candidates stand on climate, assisting you in making climate your priority vote-determining issue.

I pledge to make climate my #1 vote determining issue

I will talk to five people I care about, explaining my decision to put climate and our kids first when I vote in the upcoming federal election!

Vote Climate street conversations

Further Information

Local Vote Climate campaigns

Accurate information on Candidates’ climate policies to inform your vote.

Lighter Footprints is working with other local climate groups in running the non-partisan Vote Climate campaigns in Melbourne’s inner East:

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